LETTER: Why not pray for the good of others?

I VIEW things differently to John Yates (NM, 23/8/16).   

John is entitled to his opinion, so too is everyone else.  

I don't worship at any of the pentecostal churches, but I am in favour of praying for our elected representatives, be they local, state or federal.   

I have never met a person who is perfect, and therefore does not need help from God, or even from other people.   Help can take at least two forms.  

You or I can agree with someone and encourage them in what they are doing.  

The other form is to disagree; hopefully in a kind way, and point out other options or ways of achieving desired results.   Some people are proud and arrogant and claim they know everything.   

These people often fail because of their refusal to accept any form of help.   John says that he is opposed to any religious observances at any level of government.   

I'm different. I pray for and with people of other denominations and for other religions.   

My God wants to bless all people.  

Should I be selfish and pray for myself?   

Why not pray for people affected by famine, floods, fire, sickness or war?  

They are all human and need help.   

The council members are also human, so why not pray for them?  




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