LETTER: Why don't we have jobs?

It's a puzzle

BUNDABERG, including Bargara, has 20 Aldi supermarkets, three Woolworths, two Coles, # super IGA, a couple of Foodworks and numerous smaller IGA stores.

We have all the big variety retailers, every name of jewellers in Australia, and a stack of franchisee stores, such as Domino's.

That's a lot of stores competing for the money from a small population, in a small country city.

Yet the authorities say that Bundaberg is an unemployment hot spot.

Some sources say up to 20% unemployed.

It doesn't make sense.

Does the government fudge the figures?

It just doesn't make sense.

It doesn't make sense that overseas backpackers are taking the jobs that unemployed young people should be compelled to do.

If local youngsters took the jobs, they would be working, paying tax, have pocket money and develop self-esteem.

So why do overseas backpackers get the work and not our own country bred?

Would our State Premier have the answer? No she's reviewing reviews that she instigated years ago.

Keep quiet is her policy.

Our local man, Mr Pitt would be keeping his fingers crossed, that Barnaby Joyce is declared a Kiwi, so it wouldn't be on his "to do list"

Promotion might be beckoning.

So what's happening?

The only thing I can think is backpackers bring money to the area.

But hold on.

If our unemployed worked, they would bring money to the area and the government would save on dole money.

It's a puzzlement!


Hanbury St

Rainbow bigots

BIGOTS are all around us and come in many colours including rainbow.

A bigot is an intolerant person: somebody who has very strong opinions, and refuses to accept different points of view.

The gay lobby is just such a group.

They have been attempting to desensitise the whole community regarding same-sex marriage.

Their ideas come up in every form of media every day.

The NewsMail gives them plenty of coverage.

Every story on TV has a homosexual or a lesbian couple with all the other characters having to treat them as though this is a perfectly normal and acceptable lifestyle.

It's in the script so they have to follow it whether they like it or not.

They claim that the majority of Australians are in favour of same-sex marriage.

If this is the case, why are they fighting so hard to prevent the people of Australia from having a vote on the matter?

The NewsMail survey, which was a very small sample, showed 67% in favour, but I and many others were not aware that a survey was taking place.

If we look back in history we see that the mighty Roman Empire went down this same path of sex relationship as well as every other form so sexual immorality and it was destroyed.

Australia beware.



Energy prices

EARLIER this week, the Queensland Parliament delivered a damming blow to the Palaszczuk Labor Government in passing a motion condemning the government over higher electricity prices.

Labor continues to use energy prices as a secret tax, and the parliament agreed to expose this hoax on Queenslanders.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has presided over record high electricity costs in Queensland.

Family and business power bills are soaring because of Labor's failed policies.

In fact, wholesale power prices have skyrocketed by 70 per cent. Unmasking the Palaszczuk Labor as a government of cons, costs and crisis.

Industry and families are paying thousands of dollars more for electricity and Labor just couldn't care less.

Labor tells Queenslanders they've never had it so good, but they aren't fooling anyone.

Enough is enough.

Only the LNP has a plan to deal with Labor's rising power bills.


LNP Shadow Minister for Energy


FOLLOWING the stupid remarks regarding same-sex marriage, let me clear up some of the remarks made in the press.

One homosexual couple stated that they have been together for more than 20 years and didn't have any authority to decide the final outcome of their partner's health.

The Queensland law allows an EPA (enduring power of attorney) to be given to anyone over 18 years old regardless of age sex etc.

The same applies to a AHD (advanced health directive), all it takes is trust in their partner.

A will can be made to reflect the person's wishes and is reasonably stress free as well.

Most people think that you must go to a lawyer/solicitor but a JP can do these things for free.

Having said this I infer that the family can be left out of most things if the person wishes it to be so.

Banks will give anyone a "joint account" and will give two people a home loan as well.

If you go to a funeral director they will accept payment for the funeral as well, this leads me to think that there are no advantages in getting married.

Who assumes the married surname?

To change this also costs money, then there is the divorce who gets what?

All this can be avoided by saying no.



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