A letter writer says people should be fighting against animal testing.
A letter writer says people should be fighting against animal testing. ROBERT F. BUKATY

LETTER: Where are laws against animal testing?

End cruelty

SAME-SEX marriage has been legalised.

Can we now get over it?

Government can get off their butts and pass a law in weeks yet all these happy people can't pass a law on cruelty to animals in cosmetic labs.

I don't think there are any happy animals in cages with disgusting wounds, ulcerated eyes etc.

How about the happy gay couples put their energy into standing up for animals in laboratories?



Only one solution

I'M SORRY to see Cooper's Hardware close.

They certainly gave good service, and had a great range of products at sensible prices.

The problem is the business is in a bad flood area. Targo street between George and Electra streets has been flooded often.

We haven't learnt from previous experiences.

Finally, the insurance companies have refused bad insurance risks.

I'm paying increased insurance costs after two floods.

The insurance companies penalise good risks to make up for their losses in bad areas.

The flood levee in east Bundaberg won't solve the flooding problems.

Water always fills the lowest areas first.

The February 2013 flood of only 5m rose past Cooper's front door. That was all local water from the many large drains.

Water was still running under the Kennedy Bridge and into the river. I went and checked it out.

It is easy to blame the river height for the build up of water in Saltwater Creek, and adjacent areas.

Water always finds its own level.

Forget the levee, it won't stop water building up in low-lying areas.

There is only one solution to flooding. Move to higher ground.

The water that flowed over Targo St on December 4 is an example of local flooding.

Unfortunately ratepayers paid a levy so that big businesses could establish on higher ground and take more of the local sales.

Now I've got to go to Bunnings, the store my rates levy helped build.



It's up to us

SAVING lives and reducing serious injuries on regional roads is everyone's responsibility.

It is up to governments at all levels to build and maintain better, safer roads and as drivers we need to accept responsibility by purchasing the safest car we can afford and driving in a manner which respects other road users.

You are more likely to be killed or injured on regional roads than any others, and it is up to us to do everything we can to reduce road trauma over the holiday period.

This Christmas if you are driving for work or on holidays, please take care on our roads and drive at speeds which reflect the local conditions.

Christmas is a time for celebrations and it is important to make arrangements to get home safely if you have been partying with friends. Don't mix alcohol and driving.

The decisions we make will impact on our families, friends and others members of the community. Drive safe and enjoy a merry Christmas.


Federal Transport Minister

Privatisation folly

THE folly of privatisation of public owned assets can be seen with the Telstra, power assets in other states, power distribution here, and the Commonwealth Bank, to name a few, all costing the people increased prices and lower efficiency.

Renewables is the direction that we must head, and the political fossils who are protecting the wealthy moguls that control the fossil fuels will soon be as relevant as the dodo.

Meanwhile, it is incumbent on our elected government to maintain public ownership of power generators in all the various forms so they can control the costs to consumers, rather than having to beg private owners to keep prices reasonable, as happens in the southern states where, sadly, power generators are owned by overseas corporations.


Elliott Heads

Don't bait parks

RE: What a delicious brekky! Lizard makes a meal of turtle' eggs on Fraser (NM, 06/12).

A photographer snapped a lizard feasting on turtles eggs at Fraser Island.

I hope the authorities who go around setting 1080 baits see this picture to prove it's not only dingoes and foxes who commit this crime.

Stop laying 1080 baits in national parks.



Five facing charges after Bundaberg crime spree

premium_icon Five facing charges after Bundaberg crime spree

Man faces court on armed robbery charges

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Reports man bitten by taipan

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