LETTER: Welcome to the Federal Government circus

ROLL up, Roll up, the federal parliamentary circus is back in the Canberra 'Big Top', with newly appointed ministers taking their seats recently on the front bench after the customary winter break, behind their illustrious leader and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The victor of the recent canning was sworn in on the floor, replacing the late Jim Randall.

One must feel sympathy towards the ex-Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and ex-treasurer now relegated to the rear back benches with the other three ex-Ministers - McFarlane, Andrews and Bilsen.

This is a classic example of 'top rooster today - feather duster tomorrow'.

With their ignominious fall from grace, one can feel for them, whether you agree or disagree with their platforms and policies.

Now to add a touch of cynicism, I am always intrigued by the smiling female who sits behind and to the right of the sitting member speaking at the despatch box, answering a question from the opposition.

She is always in full frame during the televised broadcast.

The only task for her party is to frequently nod her head in support of the speaker in front of her and to the right.

Now and then she moves her mouth probably to say "hear hear" or shame to an opposition interjector.

I have not caught her name or electorate she represents.

I have only seen her stand once to ask a question of the Labor party (probably a 'Dorothy Dixer' from her party).

I believe the cabinet should recognise her valuable contribution to sittings, and reward her with Ministerial position, perhaps 'The Honourable Minister for Nodding'.

This would allow her to train the many other nodders on the Coalition side.

The Labor party might be tempted to avail themselves of her attributes, as they are not short of nodders on their side.

I wouldn't sacrifice parliamentary question time and other general discussions for any other program, as it affords me a boundless sense of humour, which is essential to counter balance my mundane experience of life.



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