DEMOTED: Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt is under fire.
DEMOTED: Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt is under fire. Mike Knott

LETTER TO EDITOR: Pitt is a failure

Pitt fails in role

IN A move that should sound alarm bells for Keith Pitt, he has been dumped from the junior ministry.

The Federal Government has confirmed what the people of Hinkler have known for some time - Mr Pitt simply has not been performing.

Mr Pitt has failed to listen to his electorate when has come to the cashless welfare card.

He has failed to deliver the goods when it has come to addressing the woeful unemployment rate in the electorate of Hinkler.

Rather than investing in the youth of tomorrow through being able to access higher education, the Federal Government has announced they are freezing funding which will hurt the local youth seeking to gain a degree and develop skills and abilities.

It is time a representative who will listen to the people in Hinkler is elected.

Someone who is not there for themselves but rather someone to drive economic growth and address the concerning issues of youth unemployment and the inability to access quality training and apprenticeships.



Visit the regions

I HAVE raised concerns previously about the fears I have for the regions especially with the makeup of the new Queensland Government.

Government ministers must make the effort to leave their leafy inner Brisbane city offices and visit farms and enterprises in the bush.

These city-based decision-makers need to gain a better understanding of the importance of agriculture and the value adding business have to regional economies.

We know that our farmers and their businesses are critical to the region's economy, providing thousands of jobs, and the people now in charge have no experience and will be caught up in Labors relentless ideological driven attack on these hard working men and women.

I hope these ministers responsible now at the cabinet table will show strength and strong convictions to stand up against the proposed devastation of Labor's new environmental regulations, vegetation management reforms and higher electricity costs, or will they roll over and let the extreme left of the Labor Party destroy agriculture as we know it?


Member for Burnett

Tirade of abuse

ON MONDAY afternoon I was shopping at Coles Hinkler shopping centre.

While waiting at the 12 items or less checkout I heard a tirade of foul mouth language coming from behind me.

I turned to witness a women on a mobile scooter abusing a worker whose crime was an empty folded cardboard box had slid off the pile on the trolley and had glanced the women on the scooter.

This was gutter language at it's worse.

The worker offered every apology possible.

The very pleasant young man Aaron on the checkout finished serving me and the scooter operator was directly behind me.

The women scooter operator immediately launched into another bout of foul language at the young man for smiling at her?

With this I had heard enough, I turned and said "the young man is being polite and your language is in appropriate”.

I was given a similar tirade but retaliated, "you need your mouth washed out with soap, and aren't you a class act”.

I am positive the general public have sympathy for a person who uses a mobility scooter, however the young man deserved nothing more than respect.

Well done Aaron you are a young man having a go and there should be more like you.

Don't let it spoil your Christmas.



Rushing around

THIS time of year everyone is rushing around, with Christmas as the deadline.

We're rushing to the shops or rushing to make an event and the tragic outcome of this is road trauma.

In our line of work we see first-hand the consequences of driving at speed or driving while distracted, resulting in serious injury and death.

So please slow down and take your time. Don't use your phone, don't text, obey the speed limit and keep your eyes on the road.

There's an old saying - it's better late than never.

From everyone at Shine's Bundaberg branch, we hope you have a safe and happy festive season.


branch manager

Shine Lawyers Bundaberg

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