LETTER: Time for desexing law to be brought in

TOO many sad tales as 2000th dog is rescued; why do groups like Red Collar Rescue, RSPCA, cat rescue, etc, have to take in and pay for throw out pets.

Because councils and state governments won't bring in compulsory desexing which in the long run stops these unwanted cats and dogs being born and being mistreated.

I believe that Hervey Bay Council is about to bring in such a law.

What is wrong with our council and State Government?

If they had listened 30/40 years ago when animal groups asked for compulsory desexing, these groups wouldn't have to rescue so many animals, spend so much of their own money.

Councils certainly like to pass the buck, they like threatening people and take rego money but do nothing to solve the problem.

It is sad for people who are kind and love animals and trying their best to hold on to their sanity year after year.



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