LETTERS: There are better dates for Australia Day

January 26 is the wrong date

WITHOUT doubt "the settlement of Australia was an invasion, a conquest, resulting in genocide of native peoples," so it is understandable that the remaining native peoples do not share the majority enthusiasm for Australia Day on January 26, the day the invasion began.

However, the people now in Australia have much to celebrate on an Australia Day.

But which is an appropriate day to celebrate the modern, inclusive, democratic, multicultural Australia?

A list might include: December 3 to commemorate the beginning of democracy at Eureka Stockade, January 1 the day of Federation, April 25 ANZAC Day, November 11 the day Ned Kelly was hanged, coinciding with Armistice Day, May 27 to celebrate the 1967 referendum, May 6th end of White Australia Policy ...

There are many significant days, but January 26th is not one of them.

Although Flinders suggested Australia as a name for the continent on February 20th, until federation it was a group of distinctly separate British colonies.

Technically then the political entity Australia did not exist until Federation and for any day prior to Federation to be designated 'Australia Day' is arrant nonsense.



Give us a date

TIM Lawson's comments are trotted out every year about moving Australia Day.

How about instead of just grandstanding about the perceived issue he and his ilk put forward positive suggestions.

How about a date that would be an alternative and why it would be a good change.

Many people are happy with the current date, and as the saying goes you can't please everyone.



Millbank closure

MY HEART went out to the many residents of Millbank who need to be relocated due to the impending closure of three wings in the facility.

A transition into a nursing home greatly impacts on the wellbeing of a person.

Speaking to many elderly people, most will say they do not want to end up in a nursing home.

Some have even planned their own exit plan just to avoid the possibility of that happening.

Unfortunately for many when that times come they are not given or can make that choice.

Elderly people, especially people living with dementia desire to be in familiar surroundings.

Taking them away from what is familiar to them is very unsettling and can further impact on their state of health.

It does not matter that the new nursing home is "five star" or has better services, in the end what families and loved ones need to consider is the rights of the individual and their personal needs and desires.

The elderly need to treated with respect and compassion.


Dip. of Dementia Care


Festival help

IT WAS with trepidation that I opened the Annual General Meeting of the Moore Park Beach Festival of the Arts recently.

Having such a small committee, working hard in the past year and with all positions becoming vacant, my thoughts were to the hows and wherefores of this coming year.

But once again the people of Moore Park Beach were there for the meeting.

After outlining most of the positions vacant, I'm very pleased to announce that most positions were filled.

The few vacant positions left are being negotiated before our next meeting on Monday February 13 at 7pm in the Moore Park Beach Community Hall.

With the new committee now in full swing may I, as patron, wish them every success for the 2017 festival.

Not forgetting a very special thank you for all the blood sweat and tears that have come from past committees over the past 17 years.

This year's event being our 18th I feel that the festival's attractions and fun can only get bigger and better, if of course that's possible.

We will be searching for grants that occasionally arise for us to apply for to finance the festival.

We will, over the next few months, keep in touch with you all as to the date of the festival, hoping, that as usual, the tides will be with us on the second weekend in August 2017.

This just leaves me to ask if any other people in Moore Park Beach would like to be part of our committee.

The more members we have the easier it will be for this beautiful Moore Park Beach Festival to come to fruition.



Moore Park Beach Festival Of The Arts

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