SUSPICIOUS MINDS: In today's world, people have a right to speak up in situations that aren't normal - and they should, says a reader.
SUSPICIOUS MINDS: In today's world, people have a right to speak up in situations that aren't normal - and they should, says a reader. Peter Byrne

LETTER: Terror attacks should make us vigilant

Annoying habit

AM I the only one who feels ignored when many politicians do not bother to either answer or acknowledge letters sent to them?

Admittedly with an election on the horizon these people are working very long and hard hours to try to keep their lucrative positions for our benefit, of course.

May I suggest they adopt a standard reply which could be something like as follows: "Dear Sir, I have received your most interesting letter and am referring it to the appropriate minister or department. We rely on such contributions to inform us what exactly concerns you, the voter, and look forward to further correspondence.”

Such letters would at least tell us our efforts have been received.



Time to be vigilant

THE latest terror events are probably becoming commonplace for most people.

There is nothing right with any motive or at least any argument to justify any action or belief that can vilify these barbaric actions.

For me, I look to avoid being any part of the news regarding terrorism.

I have recently retired from the military after 32 years of service (27 years full time and five years reserve) and have returned home to my home town where I was born and bred.

For the folks of Bundy who think any of these terrorism events can't happen here, you are being naive.

I was in Moloney's supermarket on Elliot Heads Rd the other day when a well-dressed young man, probably in his 30s, walked in.

He had a gun belt with side arm and opposite cuffs and I assumed him to be an undercover officer.

Surprisingly no one gave a second glance although we exchanged looks.

I immediately observed the weapon and thought the logical but wondered why there was no badge or why he would need the full combat kit.

The point of my rave is that when something seems abnormal, it should be questioned.

I didn't question it and was probably keen to get out of the shop.

In hindsight I should have asked him to identify himself to give me some assurance that he was genuine.

The Manchester incident happened the next day.

So now again, I am being hypersensitive to strange and abnormal events.

Folks, sometimes things don't seem right. If you think it's odd, alert the appropriate authorities.

I haven't contacted the Queensland Police Service at this stage to ask what are their normal procedures for undercover officers bearing weapons entering public facilities.

Maybe next time I will ask the officer for identification.

I believe I have the right and probably should have the other day.


Kensington Grove

Warped morality

A COMMISSIONER at the Australian Taxation Office reportedly advised staff that if asked about the theft of $165 million they were to pass it off as a "good news story”.

Totally unbelievable - until you understand that political crime is a natural fit with all Federal Government politicians and high-ranking bureaucrats.

It was reported that the commissioner went on to tell the staff to pass most of it off as "fake news” and say the rest was positive as the fraud was discovered and people arrested.

This is precisely the warped sense of morality that pervades Australia's parliaments and our burgeoning public service.

It is exactly what is wrong with the corruption and barefaced fraud committed by some politicians.

They apply the same type of irrelevance when they steal tens of thousands of dollars from the public purse and pass it off as entitlements and "being within the rules”. The only trouble is they make the rules and make sure they can't be held accountable.

The commissioner in question should be sacked. He attempted to cover up a $165 million fraud as trivial.

This is totally disgraceful behaviour from a high-ranking tax office official charged with protecting taxpayers' money and ensuring it is beyond the reach of criminal elements operating within the government.



Beware scam

I JUST got an email in my junk mail stating that my PayPal ID will be destroyed. There is a link which I am sure is a trap. Beware.



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