FEDERAL ATTACK: Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson has been criticised for attacking Keith Pitt.
FEDERAL ATTACK: Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson has been criticised for attacking Keith Pitt. Paul Donaldson BUN020517HUM3

LETTER: Stop blaming Canberra

Black and white

READING about the Bundaberg state MP continually attack the local federal MP because of some perceived slight is frustrating.

Here is a disgraced former minister who had to resign because of unregistered driving and the inability to manage and pay her own bills, multiple times over a number of years.

He is a successful businessman who employed many staff, knows how to run successful businesses and farming enterprises, is capable and competent.

The comparison is black and white.

I'm glad Keith can cross the floor because you are a union member so you can't.

Easy to act tough when you know that you'll get the sack yourself if you ever did.

The Buy Queensland Policy - the unions apparently love it, but why?

Does that mean only "eligible” union-friendly businesses will get all the work?

I hope voters notice that Leanne keeps trying to keep the voters looking south by blaming Canberra for everything to direct attention away from the Queensland Labor mess: their dodgy accounting, their missing child safety reports, their private emails; their carbon tax, their slap down of investors; their sky high electricity prices causing record disconnections and business anxiety, only to go higher when the green subsidies kick in. Now water is going to be taxed like electricity so our farmers get hit with a double whammy.

Any wonder Leanne keeps distracting voters with federal issues instead of standing up to fix the state ones.

Where are the jobs?

How long do we have to wait for the flood "proofing” to start?

Just as well you have Dempsey and Pitt pushing the port. She needs to go before I move here.


Burrum Heads

Redefine society

IN LIGHT of the upcoming postal vote on redefining marriage, it is necessary to make clear that what is being proposed is transgender (not same-sex) "marriage” and what the consequences of transgender "marriage” would be for all Australians.

The silent majority need to appreciate this latest nonsense is yet another assault to a cornerstone of our western culture by the leftist/socialist/Marxist/

anti-Christ elements in our society - marriage between a biological man and woman.

Western civilisation is under threat from these leftist/socialist/Marxist/

anti-Christian elements in our society. It's a revolution in all but name. They have taken hold of our educational, political, judicial and bureaucratic systems and agendas. Brexit, Trump's Republican success in the US and Macron's Movement in France are all part of the backlash from ordinary people fed up.

National icon Margaret Court is labelled a racist and bigot for her opposition to gay marriage and transgender children. Coopers Brewery is vilified for its support of the Bible Society.

IBM and its managing partner, Mark Allaby, are targeted by same-sex marriage activists for his role on the board of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute, an internship program for young Christians.

The "political class” and "elites” are clueless and so divorced from mainstream Australia on significant issues affecting the silent majority.

The established party system has failed to curtail this assault on our society, avoiding confrontation.

Be under no delusions that the definition of the right to marry will not be determined by sex or gender.

Same-sex couples, and couples including people who are intersex or of a non-binary gender, will be able to marry.

This is not same-sex marriage - two men or two women.

It is transgender marriage, the union of any two people regardless of sex or gender-identity.

No practising Christian, Muslim or Hindu could vote yes in this postal vote.


Burrum Heads

Forgotten about

IN A world that heavily frowns upon discrimination of any sort ,why is it our current State Government has blatantly discriminated against the people of this area and the majority of regional Queensland?

Planning to subsidise the electricity prices to people in the south-east corner, leaving the rest of us out in the cold.

The State Government's constant rhetoric of jobs, jobs, jobs falls very short when we have an abundance of energy resources yet some of the highest electricity prices in the world.



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