NOT RIGHT: Should Dr Jane Truscott not be able to run for office?
NOT RIGHT: Should Dr Jane Truscott not be able to run for office? Paul Beutel

LETTER: Should an American be a Bundy candidate?

Citizen mix up

IT SEEMS so absurd all this mix up with dual citizenships and opposition parties using another country to undermine our own parliamentary system.

Lesson to all - just renounce if in doubt, no matter what the lawyers say.

So what if they have been born over in another country and then left as children, as long as they have been raised, educated and worked here, they are pretty much Australian.

Barnaby and Matt were born here, but seemed to have been caught up unintentionally by another country's birth laws or by an overzealous parent.

I mean for Barnaby, how can you be a New Zealand citizen if you were born here but it was your father that was born there?

If that is the case 3/4 of Australia would be ineligible to become an MP.

Larissa was born in Canada, but came over here as a child was still raised, educated and worked here and made a mistake by about one week because of a law change in Canada.

The issue I have is the different law with state to federal regards dual citizenship.

One Nation's Jane Truscott showed her Australian Citizenship but it didn't prove she renounced her American citizenship.

Whether she did or not, I'm wary of those wanting to gain access to our political system if they have been born, raised, educated and worked in another country and only arrived recently.

It opens the country to views that our values and cultural ethics might not agree with plus potentially an outside influence undermining our parliament and laws.

How do we know the American NRA hasn't got ideas to use Truscott and others as a way in to change Australian gun laws?

I don't want us to be armed to the teeth like in the US.

And Trump's extreme and destabilising views on race and privilege is something we don't want over here either.

One Nation ideology is too much to the right in many regards.

I'm sure Jane is a lovely lady and she'll say all the right things to reassure us.

But we should be wary of when we allow those who are truly not really Australian born, to partake in our political system.

An example is Labor's Sam Dastyari's easiness to ask a Chinese donor to pay for his electoral allowance overspend when he should of done so himself.

And could you imagine if we allowed a Middle Eastern fellow who recently arrived, got nationalised, renounced his country than ran for parliament?

We'd have a fit.

We need a law change to prevent this.



No Body, No Parole

I'M PROUD to be part of a team that is committed to securing justice and closure for families of homicide victims.

While other states and territories have implemented strong No Body, No Parole laws, Labor sat idle while victims of crime continued to suffer and weren't afforded the closure that would be provided by these reforms.

That's why last week in Parliament, the LNP ensured No Body, No Parole laws were implemented in Queensland.

From the time we announced our policy in November 2016, we were determined to ensure these laws were passed through the Parliament as quickly as possible.

We've felt strongly about this policy which rebalances the scales of justice in favour of families of Queensland homicide victims.

When it comes to crime, the LNP stands on the side of the victim, and this is reflected in our tough on crime approach.

Queenslanders will be safer under an LNP Government focused on improving community safety for everyone by reducing crime and supporting victims of crime.


Member for Burnett

Privatisation failure

THE collection of taxes was designed for governments to provide services such as water, power, communications, roads, rail, pensions, security and welfare to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for all citizens.

The privatisation of most of these public utilities has simply meant extra costs to the people and a profit for the companies who now own them, on top of to the basic cost of providing such services.

Power, water, telecommunications, waste disposal and toll roads are at the foremost while aged care, childcare, welfare and pensions are all affected by the private sector sucking out a profit, thus costing the clients more and reducing the quality of services.

It is now apparent that privatisation of these services has been a total failure, and governments should recognise that failure and reverse it to provide some financial relief for the long suffering community and a better quality of services.


Elliott Heads

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