LETTER: Secret council dealings

The Bundaberg Council Chambers, Ron Bridges exposes secret dealings.
The Bundaberg Council Chambers, Ron Bridges exposes secret dealings. Mike Knott BUN030316COUNCIL3

Well done

CONGRATULATIONS to Ron Bridges (Guardian April,13) for his expose on the secret dealings of the Bundaberg Regional Council.

This council had carried the odious taint of dis-respectability for many years.

Their "star chamber” dealings hidden from public view have seen town planning rules and regulations, that cost millions to prepare, pushed aside time after time.

The latest stunt to write off $600,000 in a secret deal doesn't come as any surprise.

This type of underhanded and secretative dealing highlights the hypocrisy of those councillors who went to the last election advocating open and accountable government when really their main objective was nothing more than jumping on the council gravy train.



Sad fight

SO, AT last, our illustrious prime minister is to come face to face with the leader of the Western World, on a boat in New York Harbour.

After the farcical phone call between the pair that Trump called the worst ever, one wonders how this meeting of political power brokers might end?

Unlike Tony Abbott, Trumble has no heroic record of "shirtfronting” and never got a boxing blue, while Trump has an equally dismal fighting record, as both ducked military service when their countries got involved in many wars.

One would have to predict a dismal draw at best and another farce at worst, with the people of both countries being losers.


Elliott Heads

Indisputably immoral

"PETER Dutton wants an apology from the ABC over reporting of Manus detention shooting” (ABC OnLine, April 25).

The Immigration Minister asserted it's "indisputable” that a five-year-old boy was in danger of being assaulted, as described by unidentified "senior people on the island.”

Or - was the boy 10 years old; was he begging for and given food, as witnesses and others assert?

The same minister asserted as indisputable that Save the Children coached asylum seekers on Nauru to do self-harm and fabricate stories of abuse in October 2014.

Save the Children employees were cleared - indisputably - by two independent reviews.

There are many instances where Immigration's "indisputable” assertions have been demonstrated to be categorically and indisputably false.

Such as when Dutton asserted as indisputable that Senator Hanson-Young "doesn't get her facts right”.

Hanson-Young reported she was under surveillance when visiting Nauru in 2013.

Dutton's denial was demonstrated as indisputably false by those assigned to spy on her.

The only "apology” needed is from Dutton: to those incarcerated in horrible conditions on Manus Island and Nauru and to the Australian people for using our names to justify the humanitarian crimes performed by the Ministry for which he's responsible.



Death penalty

THE state sanctioned conveyor belt of death continues as Arkansas carries out double execution.

In a first in 16 years, the Arkansas government executed two men on Monday evening.

The first was pronounced dead at 7.20 after struggling for more than five minutes after the lethal drug "cocktail” was injected, demonstrating that the 'punishment' was a "cruel, unusual, and inhumane infliction of pain and suffering,” aka fatal torture.

The first in the series of executions occurred last week. The next is scheduled for Thursday. The execution schedule is part of a spree to kill eight convicts in 11 days before the "use by date” for midazolam, an ingredient of the lethal cocktail expires.

The USA uses the mantra "killing their own people” with chemicals in warfare yet kills its own people with chemicals in peace time.

Go figure.



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