LETTER: Same-sex marriage

AFTER reading the article Same but Different (NM July 14) I was moved to make some observations regarding the subject of same-sex relationships.

In by gone days it was not an issue as because people just "got married" and that was "it".

Today "it" (like much in the 21st century) is more complicated.

LGB community, like the rest of us, are entitled to their opinion, and, while not accepting their views, I accept them as people who are capable of loving, as we all are.

While straight people may love a person of the same gender just as much as they love a person of the opposite gender, that love would be expressed in a different way (eg. David and Jonathan 1 Samuel 20) and Jesus and John (John 21:7). The love between a man and a woman is a different kind of love, than the love between two women or two men.

Secondly, same-sex relationships may or may not continue over time to be just as harmonious or more or less, than heterosexual ones.

However, children growing up in an environment with two fathers only or two mothers only, may develop a one-sided view.

Sadly there are many one- parent families today, but that is often unavoidable due to a marriage breakdown or accident or whatever.

This is a different thing altogether.

We may ask, what makes a marriage?

Is it a piece of paper or a relationship?

Or both?

If a relationship, what kind of relationship is it?

The dictionary defines it as "to perform the ceremony of uniting a man and woman in wedlock, to espouse, to take as husband or wife, to join closely" while the Bible describes marriage as "a union between male and female in which they become one flesh, having been joined together by God." (Matthew 19:4-6)

It seems that the problem that the LGB community have is not the relationship- but the type of relationship.

No one can deny the quality or quantity of their love for each other, which is beyond question, but it is a different kind of love from that expressed by opposite genders which is designated as that of "marriage".

I would like to think that the LGB community could be issued with a special certificate similar to (but different form) a marriage certificate in which they are entitled to the same legal "rights" etc, as others, enjoying a recognition status while still retaining the original meaning of the marriage relationship.

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