LETTER: RV park needed

WHILE progressive towns around us thrive, it would seem that Bundaberg is constantly playing catch-up.

Earlier this week I heard that Maryborough is planning a massive RV superpark. This topic is certainly one that has been touted by several candidates in the upcoming Bundaberg elections.

The development of an RV superpark is certainly something I support and will be happy to work with any mayor on developing.

However, feedback that I have received is that in the first instance Bundaberg needs to make itself more RV friendly which is inexpensive and relatively easy to do.

There is no point in developing a RV park if they still cannot easily access the services around the town.

This needs to be the first priority.

As people travel around and stop in towns, thousand of dollars are spent as they restock, make repairs and importantly visit tourist locations.

They also talk to each other about which towns are easily accessible and have suitable facilities - something we as a town need to develop to tap into this market.

From speaking to people who come to Bundaberg already, things that need to be changed include establishing some parking bays that are large enough to cater for larger vehicles.

These parking bays do not need to be in the centre of town, but close enough that people can park and walk a short distance into town.

Signage around town to assist needs to be looked at and importantly, consideration to relocating the visitor information centre to a location that is easily accessible to larger vehicles.

Currently nothing larger than a car can easily access the visitor information centre.

This is an important growth area and something that should have been considered a number of years ago.

I am glad to see that it is now being proposed and discussed as a reasonable proposition.

It will benefit tourism as well as local retailers in Bundaberg and needs to be given a high priority.

Bundaberg Regional Council Division 10

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