POWER PAIN: Curtis Pitt says the government is working on keeping power prices down.
POWER PAIN: Curtis Pitt says the government is working on keeping power prices down. Shinyfamily

LETTER: Qld has lowest power price increase this year

Power costs

THE Palaszczuk Government knows electricity bills and other cost of living pressures are impacting on households and businesses but we're focused on helping out wherever we can.

Under our Powering Queensland Plan we have acted firmly and swiftly to bring energy price relief, despite a broken National Energy Market and policy failures and buck passing under the Turnbull LNP Government which are driving up energy costs.

The recent letter from Michael Hart, the LNP Member for Burleigh, forgot to mention the 43% leap in average power bills under the Newman-Nicholls government.

After promising a $120 cut to power bills, they rose by $436 on average in the LNP's term.

Under Labor household bills have increased by just 5% over three years, or $69 on average. If the LNP bill increase had been repeated prices would be $600 higher.

It's a cruel joke on Queenslanders, coming from a party that will cut services, sack frontline workers, and sell off our energy assets without a second thought.

That's their record. When in government the only thing they didn't manage to cut was electricity prices.

All the LNP offers is a burden of at least $2.5 billion on taxpayers for an unwanted coal-fired power plant and a further $4.2 billion for the unviable and environmentally destructive Tully Millstream hydro project.

Even the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has condemned the coal-fired plant idea and said: "Let's not think that there's cheap new coal, there's not and that it is not all of a sudden going to make your power bills cheap next month, it won't.”

Labor kept control of our income-generating power assets and has been able to use that ownership to place downward pressure on prices.

We invested $770 million to more than halve the rises recommended by the Queensland Competition Authority - saving $56 for the typical household and $99 for a small business compared to the original outcome.

Our intervention means Queensland has the lowest average household electricity price increase this year of any mainland state, avoiding the double digit increases experienced in NSW, the ACT and SA.


Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment

Acting Minister for Energy, Biofuels, and Water Supply

Revolution is coming?

PEOPLE are enthralled and to varying degrees captured by the rapid advances in technology and the future possibilities as nature's secrets continue to be revealed.

At the same time however, people are becoming increasingly aware and concerned that something is seriously amiss.

As science and technology progress so too at a seemingly greater rate are injustice, confusion, division, acrimony and violence.

Are people willing to learn from history?

For example, in Australia we are familiar with themes concerning freedom, equality and the desire to live in a peaceful loving community.

When we add to this the notion that Australia should become a republic, plus society's attitude towards religion, compounded by clerical sexual abuse and terrorism, it is not hard to see some parallel with the French Revolution including its themes of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”.

The French Revolution led to the Napoleonic Wars, so "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” did not blossom in the revolution's aftermath.

For them to have blossomed it would have been necessary, wrote Professor of Philosophy Donald De Marco "for them to have been planted in the soil of truth, humility and paternity. We need truth to make us free, humility to acknowledge our equality and fatherhood to teach us we are brothers” (Architects of the Culture of Death” p203).

The above mentioned themes cannot produce a culture for our society rejects the notion of objective truth in matters moral and ethical.

We refuse to acknowledge our equality because not everyone who possesses human DNA is considered human so we forfeit the right to seek equality in anything.

By rejecting the fatherhood of God, our absolute monarch, respecting fellow human beings becomes impossible.

Should education cultivate the art of learning but neglect to cultivate the art of thinking (Chesterton) it will fail both individuals and the society to which they belong.

The master said "Anyone learning without thought is lost; anyone thinking but not learning is in peril” (Confucius, 551-479 BC).

And Jesus said "Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15.5).



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