HELP OUT: One letter writer says ETU protestors would better off helping out storm victims.
HELP OUT: One letter writer says ETU protestors would better off helping out storm victims. Craig Warhurst

LETTER: Paid protester disgrace

Ban protesters

I THINK the council should pass a by-law that paid protesters should not protest on roundabouts a day after a dramatic weather event has swept through our region.

Dropping my grandson off to school yesterday morning at Shalom and there are branches on the road which we are trying to avoid, council workers and a truck and then you see these protesters.

We don't need these sort of people doing this!

It's very insensitive to the general public and smacks of politics at the expense of the community interest.

And it is also amusing that the ETU try to perpetuate this lie that Labor is pushing about asset sales.

The only party in Queensalnd that has ever sold assets has been the Labor Party. Examples are the Port of Brisbane, Forestry, Pacific Motorways, parts of QR and Abbott Point Port.

The ETU is only protesting out of self-interest and to try to deflect public attention away from Labor's poor record over the last three years. Plus the ETU is the only union to benefit from the price of electricity soaring while the rest of us suffer.

If you are from out of town like last time, then I suggest the ETU and their green men entourage, leave our town alone.

We have had enough of Leanne's divisive leadership style and we don't need you or your lies at our roundabouts distracting us.



Racing is vital

RACING plays a vital social and economic role in country communities, supporting thousands of jobs and providing important income for local businesses through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers.

Queensland country racing will benefit from a $70 million cash injection over four years under a re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government.

This unprecedented funding package will support Queensland's country racing industry, enabling us to fund it as an ongoing community service obligation.

The $70 million earmarked for country racing will go towards funding prize money, race day operations and new and improved infrastructure.

It means increased certainty for more than 100 non-TAB racing clubs and the industry's 16,700 participants in regional Queensland.

We've listened to what country racing stakeholders have told us, and we've delivered a package that will deliver the certainty the industry has been crying out for.


Racing Minister


BJ Hesse makes many claims in the letter published (NM 3/11).

It is a shame that he/she is not interested in what Leanne Donaldson has delivered for Bundaberg.

Leanne is a hardworking local member who has delivered millions of dollars worth of investment into local schools, health facilities, jobs and tourism ventures.

As a QTU member I have seen first hand the positive impact of more teachers, teacher aides and guidance officers in schools.

A vital investment in education, supporting students and their learning.

This is in stark contrast to the damage done in the three years of the Newman/Nichols government where we saw staffing cuts and school closures across the state.



No vote

I'VE just come back from dropping my daughter to school and at the roundabout at Shalom I was greeted with the little green ETU men of the No Assets Sales.

Seriously, what poor taste to be out there protesting on behalf of the Labor Party while council workers are around trying to clean up the side of the road at Norville Park.

People have lost their roofs, there is debris everywhere, homes and businesses still have no power and you guys choose to protest?

You don't fool us anymore and I'm glad you guys are the ones out there protesting shamelessly.

You remind us that the ETU have brought no benefits to our region. You remind us of your self-interest, not the communities' interest.

The ETU - which I've heard Leanne Donaldson is a member of - are responsible for the high power prices.

How many people have you paid to come into Bundaberg this time?

You., Leanne, will not be getting my vote.


Bundaberg South

Diseased fig tree to be removed

premium_icon Diseased fig tree to be removed

Council's regretful decision

UPDATE: Fire at old Bundaberg Showgrounds

UPDATE: Fire at old Bundaberg Showgrounds

QFES crews are at the scene of a fire at the old Bundaberg Showgrounds

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Sunshine Motorway smash sparks Bruce Hwy delays

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