HERITAGE LISTED: The Burnett Traffic Bridge under construction in 1900.
HERITAGE LISTED: The Burnett Traffic Bridge under construction in 1900.

LETTER: Old bridge's original colour revealed

Bridge colour

SO THE Old Girl is heritage listed, well that means there is only one colour for the bridge and it is battle ship grey.

It is the original colour and how do I know?

Well my father and Frank Murray painted the bridge for many years.

I remember seeing the paint in the shed at the end of the bridge where all the planks and beams steel rods, bosons chairs and ropes were stored.

I could say a lot more but this should be enough.



The wicked?

AS THE Psalmist put it, "The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honoured among men.” (Psalm 12:8).

In our own time we have indeed seen what is vile honoured among men and women.

We slaughter the unborn and are shocked that anyone would be so repressive as to object.

Homosexuality is honoured; marital faithfulness is derided as fit only for fools or incompetents.

Marriage for life is regarded as old hat.

Justice is perverted for money; arrogant pride is now considered the greatest virtue an athlete can have.

Anyone who objects is obviously a villain, a horrible human being.

There is much shouting and anger in society today coming from the GLBT because their protest in the High Court has been turned down and the people of Australia will be able to vote for or against same-sex marriage.

This has been their greatest fear, knowing that most Australians believe that the only true marriage is between a man and a woman.

Not all gay people will be voting yes, which may surprise the noisy mob.


Bundaberg West

What future?

THERE is no future in this town for ratepayers.

Within two to four years ratepayers will be paying $2000 or more per half year with $50 or $100 added here and there for things they do not want.

The Bundaberg Regional Council is not worried about the ratepayers and the stress and inconvenience they are causing.

If you do not pay your rates they will sell you up.

Then when you sleep in your car or put a tent in the park which is owned by the ratepayers they will call the police to do their dirty work - even though the Bundaberg Regional Council has caused the situation in the first place by forcing the ratepayers out of their homes.

The town will soon be like overseas in the next three to four years, then the council can pat themselves on their back and say what a wonderful job they have done.

They are using the country towns as a milking cow with all the money wasted in Bundaberg and Bargara.

The country towns will not see anything like that spent in their town.

Shops in the country towns are starting to close down and will soon be a ghost town.

Is that what the Bundaberg Regional Council is calling progress?



No cameras

I SUPPORT Heather Mansell Brown in most things, I signed her petition into addressing the carer ratio to residents and enough carers on the floor to address residents' needs and wellbeing.

What I do object to is the current chant coming from this group wanting CCTV cameras in residents' rooms because that constitutes a direct breach of the Privacy Act and the residents are entitled to their privacy, not being spied on 24/7.

Would those wanting cameras to monitor residents 24/7 approve of having CCTV cameras in their own homes invading the privacy of their bedrooms 24/7?



No i-deer: Buck runs wild in Bargara park

premium_icon No i-deer: Buck runs wild in Bargara park

The deer was spotted in Barolin Nature Reserve

290 Queensland fires in 24 hours

290 Queensland fires in 24 hours

Fireys called to 290 bushfires in the 24 hours to 8am today.

'Low life' steals Lester's handicap permit

premium_icon 'Low life' steals Lester's handicap permit

His niece was confused by the items the thief took from Lester's car

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