BOLT HALT: One reader has called for columnist Andrew Bolt to be axed from the NewsMail.
BOLT HALT: One reader has called for columnist Andrew Bolt to be axed from the NewsMail. MICK TSIKAS

LETTER: NewsMail doesn't need Bolt column

Stop the card

WHILE I am sure there are good intentions behind the proposed Cashless Debit Card, it is actually an example of uninformed thinking, and I am concerned about its possible implementation, on the following grounds:

Burglaries and thefts are already a serious problem in our area. If you make addicts more desperate by removing their access to cash, I believe we will experience a further spike in the numbers of break-ins and other thefts, with an accompanying likely rise in violent thefts.

Legislation cannot cure people's addictions, nor make them behave responsibly. They will simply become more desperate to get hold of cash.

By removing people's power to make their own choices, you simply drive them further into a mindset of dependency. Disempowerment is a destructive and irresponsible response to a problem.

A cashless card is a woolly-headed and dangerous idea, and I call on Keith Pitt and the government to withdraw their support for it, publicly and immediately.



Wrong information

I WOULD like to correct some errors in Chris McLoughlin's letter (NM, 16/06) about how the District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) classification is calculated.

A DWS is an area identified as having below average access to services attracting a Medicare Benefits Schedule rebate.

A DWS classification enables some doctors, such as overseas trained doctors, foreign graduates of Australian medical schools, and Australian trained bonded doctors with return of service obligations, to be eligible for a Medicare provider number.

Mr McLoughlin claims that "it doesn't matter how many hours a GP works ... so a GP who works one day a week is counted the same as one who works full time".

This is not true as the DWS uses a Full-time Service Equivalent (FSE).

FSE is a measure of medical practitioner workload calculated using the following formula: Total days worked x average working hours per day / full-time benchmark (1800 hours).

Clearly consideration is given to the hours worked.

I agree that the current DWS system needs to be reviewed and that is why I am appointing and working with a Distribution Working Group that will assess and consider mechanisms to encourage an equitable distribution of the health workforce.


Assistant Minister for Health

Get rid of Bolt

IT WAS upsetting to me reading our wonderful NewsMail to be shocked and slightly assaulted on seeing two words.

I had read through the under sentencing of drink drivers and reeled in shock. Then there it was, Andrew Bolt!

The most shocking and biased conservative commentator now living and writing in this country is being quoted by the NewsMail.

This multicultural area does not need his boring rhetoric.

It slows our growth and acceptance.

It is showing where this town is going back to.

Such a shame.


Woodgate Beach

Dumb move

DUMB and dumber - a phrase that well describes the debate consuming political parties over powering Australia.

Despite having huge amounts of coal and gas under our feet, the Greens, Labor and a lean-to-the-left Liberal government seek to strangle our businesses and industry and saddle households with insanely expensive power through the pursuit of the technology deficient and uneconomic renewables of solar and wind, with the serious intentions of reducing global CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile China and India who produce many times more than our 1.4% emissions will continue to burn coal even with the Paris agreement in place, while Japan is embracing coal-fired power to counter the susceptibility of earthquake activity to its nuclear plants.

These other nations, while also embracing renewables, use coal and gas because it is cheaper and reliable - putting their industry and people first.

But not in Australia. Our smart politicians put themselves first preferring to abandon common sense and align themselves to green ideology just to stay on the gravy train and assure themselves that know what's best.


Burnett Heads

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