MUSLIM CONCERN: Sonia Kruger has voiced her opinion on Muslim immigration.
MUSLIM CONCERN: Sonia Kruger has voiced her opinion on Muslim immigration. JOE CASTRO

LETTER: Muslim concern

TELEVISION personality Sonia Kruger gave vent to the Islamisation of Australia on national TV two days ago and called for a halt Muslim immigration.

"I am concerned for my children's future," she said.

"And I believe a halt should be made to any more Muslim people coming to this country".

The Channel Nine board of directors and the management team nearly choked on their caviar and champagne lunch and went an into a dead faint.

"My god," they said when they had been revived with large doses of oxygen, "did she really say that on live TV. Not only is it politically incorrect, will we be branded racist. The prime minister might cancel our broadcasting licence. Oh woe is us, woe is us."

Meanwhile, in Canberra, politicians, led by Malcolm Turnbull, were jostling for space in the bomb-proof shelter under Parliament House to escape the fallout.

Except for a lone red-headed woman politician who sat in the empty parliament, painting her finger nails.

She had a satisfied smile on her face and was humming the song "there's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza".

The phonelines between Canberra and Channel Nine ran hot.

A voice from the seat of power said, "I don't care how you fix it, just fix it".

"But how', squeaked Channel Nine, "we've got tens of thousands of people supporting her".

"I don't care, just fix it."

The phone was slammed down

A day went past as they grappled with the problem.

Then a thought bubble lit up over someone's head and he said, "I've got it. Why don't we blame her medications? They made her say what she did."

Someone else said, "Is that possible? Does she even take medication?"

"Shut up you idiot. If we can get them watching stupid cooking shows we can sell them on this."

They applauded one another, calling out "brilliant idea, absolutely brilliant'"

The next day, the online satirical news service, (SBS) reported Sonia Kruger as saying she didn't know what came over her when she made those remarks.

"I can only put it down to the medication I've been taking," she said.

"I think there's a substance in it that makes people say intolerant things."

The conclusion from all of this is that the company which makes this drug must be making a fortune in sales considering the hundreds of thousands of Australians who make, intolerant remarks like Ms Kruger's every day.



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