CRISIS: Parliament should be shut down until the dual-citizen crisis is sorted out.
CRISIS: Parliament should be shut down until the dual-citizen crisis is sorted out. zetter

LETTER: Law says pollies should pay for bungle

Arrogant pollies

WHERE do the arrogant politicians of this country get off thinking they are above the law?

Australia has a a Constitution which basically amounts to the rules of the people which sets down how the government will conduct itself.

Section 44 (1) clearly disqualifies any person who: (i) is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; Section 47 of the rules of the people (Constitution) states: 47. Disputed elections. Until the Parliament otherwise provides, any question respecting the qualification of a senator or of a member of the House of Representatives, or respecting a vacancy in either House of the Parliament, and any question of a disputed election to either House, shall be determined by the House in which the question arises.

So the High Court has no jurisdiction in determining this matter.

So for Barnaby Joyce to state that he is above the law of the people (our constitution) and won't remove himself from Parliament, because he is a dual citizen with New Zealand, is the height of arrogance and shows his total lack of respect for Australian law and its people.

This also applies to other dual citizens who won't remove themselves from Parliament.

Section 46 of the constitution clearly states that (in 1901 values) for every day a politicians sits illegally they will be fined £100 which in today's currency equates to $17,000 for every day.

And then there is the big legal problem regarding these unlawful members of Parliament voting on Bills when they have do authority to do so.

So all bills passed by a government containing illegal members will be null and void including the cashless card.

A parliamentarian is elected to represent the people of their electorate NOT the wishes of the money controlled political Party.

Keith Pitt is a prime example of this arrogance where he knows what is best for all the people even when they say no, and he won't answer questions unless it suits him.

I have had my "run-ins” with Mr Pitt and, no doubt, that will continue.

When I specifically asked him to forward to me some information regarding the cashless card when I spoke to him at the Childers Chamber of Commerce meeting on July 20.

He stated he would have it sent to me.

The Department of Social security made the same assurances to my wife.

We have received nothing to date.

These public servants don't care enough to follow through with their promises.



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CEO, Cancer Council Queensland

Constitutional crisis?

IT SEEMS we are facing an unprecedented Constitutional crisis with doubt hanging over the validity of so many members of Federal parliament, and of the legality of any legislation passed since they were elected.

A wise government would adjourn both houses until this whole mess is resolved by the High Court, but not many have accused this mob of displaying any wisdom.


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