LETTER: Labor's push to stop plebiscite 'deplorable'

LABOR'S push to stop the proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage is deplorable.

The people were promised a say and should be allowed to have it.

The time and energy Labor is putting into pandering to the gay lobby would be better spent on solving our real problems: drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, rising mental illness and suicide rates particularly in indigenous communities, rising death rates of children in their own homes and in state care, the list goes on.

Those on the front lines know that our society is already under great stress.

It is irresponsible of Labor to rush headlong into changing the definition of marriage, which has been the bedrock of our society for many hundreds of years.

Much more thoughtful, honest debate is needed, but this is not Labor's approach on this. They would much rather agitate, divide, demean and bully to get their way.




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