LETTER: Is our post office safe from sale?

The Bundaberg Post Office in the CBD.

Photo: Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism
The Bundaberg Post Office in the CBD. Photo: Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism Peter Lik

Go with the wind

WEDNESDAY would have been a bad day for any source of solar-powered devices.

My solar-heated water was like near ice this evening.

I normally have the power booster turned off and, of course, there has been no need until then to turn the electricity on.

So what was solar power generation like? Would have been a little scant.

Batteries would not help as the overcast conditions could continue.

So what happens when the bulk suppliers finally get caught out.

Perhaps Mayor Jack Dempsey should consider a wind turbine, for at least they still generate in the dark.

After all, the Irish farmers in some cases use own their own wind turbines.



Debate lacks quality

MANY people say the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but what of the vast majority of people who choose not to publicly share their views on any given topic?

Take the Cashless Debit Card for example. If you dare to express a view on social media that's different to that of the angry mob, you're immediately attacked and insulted. Why would people want to participate in the debate?

The people at the coalface - law enforcement, social services, education, health care professionals - have their hands tied. Their employment status prevents them from publicly sharing their opinions, yet I guarantee they understand the issues better than anyone.

Businesses don't want to be boycotted or, worse, vandalised if they came out in support of this card.

There are two sides to every story, and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Although, in this case I take what the noisy minority say with a grain of salt.

Self-interest is not a compelling enough argument for me to sit up and take notice.


Svensson Heights

No pension help

LEANNE Donaldson, where is the money coming from to repay the new money Labor is borrowing to cover this big "cash for votes" you and Labor are doing in the budget?

I was disappointed that you were able to find money for more people but did not do anything more for the pensioners in Queensland.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the concessions package includes new access to the electricity rebates scheme for health care card holders and asylum seekers.

Why did you not increase the amount pensioners can claim for rates, electricity, registration and drivers licences, all of which your government has increased in the past three years?

Labor is going to spend all this money on everyone else to get their vote and all the pensioners will get is a second pair of glasses.

Labor does not give a damn for the pensioners of Queensland and is playing smoke and mirrors with its "pay for votes" campaign for health care card holders.

Let's hope the pensioners of Queensland show Labor they know this is a "cash for votes" Budget that gives pensioners no more than they have at the moment.


Bundaberg North

Shut door on greed

IN A leaked document, Australia Post, with the connivance of the Turnbull Government, has been caught out planning to sell Sydney's historic post office to an overseas developer for $150 million.

The GPO is in Sydney's Martin Place. It is an iconic building built in the late 1800s and of significant historical importance.

This outrageous treatment of an historical and publicly owned building brings into question the possibility of selling other iconic buildings housing post offices throughout Australia.

Would Bundaberg's own historical post office be safe from developers and the greed of the government?

Could it be sold off to an overseas developer to be converted into backpacker accommodation, or speciality shops and cafes?

As soon as the current government took office they hung out the "Australia For Sale" sign.

They've approved the sale of sea ports and harbours, vast areas of cattle country, huge expanses of farming land, commercial and industrial property, and large amounts of city residential housing that will eventually be converted to high-rise units for sale to overseas buyers.

Enough is enough. It's way past time to shut the door on greedy overseas interests who are using this once great country as nothing more than a milch cow to get rich while the government demeans its own struggling citizens by selling off their historical inheritance.

As a historian once said "a nation that forgets its heritage is a nation that has no future".

Under the current administration we are fast approaching that tipping point.



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