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LETTER: Is justice dead?

Justice askew

I'M NOT surprised that domestic violence offences are continuing to increase after reading the article Cheating no excuse for attack (NM, 07/10).

A 32-year-old man commits two horrific offences against a 40-year-old woman who was supposedly his girlfriend.

His lawyer tells the court that his client had a mood disorder problem 12 years ago, complicated by marijuana use that caused him psychotic episodes.

The maximum for these offences is seven years.

The judge gives the man a little lecture and lets the man off with three months and 12 months and immediate parole.

Was a conviction recorded? Was there a good behaviour bond? Was community service ordered? Will he ever grow up?

The man is free to do as he likes.

My confidence in the judicial and legal system is below zero.

How do some judges and lawyers sleep at night? We could do without some of them.

Obviously the woman is not an angel but justice is well and truly dead.


Avenell Heights

Don't fall for fake ads

HAVE you ever thought of how stupid we Aussies really are?

We have all businesses advertising their products at fake retail prices, then they say they are selling at reduced prices, such as 20% to 75% off retail prices.

Or you have advertising such as "buy one and get one free”.

But wait, there's more. This product is not available in store.

Then you have all these ads for the new inventions that are a lot of junk.

They look great, but they are nothing like they appear on TV.

How can a company advertising a sweeper for $49.95 plus $9.95 delivery two weeks later advertise "buy now and get one free” and we will double the offer to get four for $49.95?

This means they are only worth $12.50 each.

People fall for this fake advertising.

The only people making money are the TV stations.

If you hold off buying, you will find it in local stores a couple of weeks later at the cheaper price anyway. I am not saying the local store is selling a better made product but they are selling at the correct price. I was in business and I know from experience that if you sell your product at a small profit you certainly cannot afford up to 50% or 70% off retail.

Wake up Aussies, boycott all this fake advertising and buy from local stores where you can see what you are buying.



Top care

IT MAY be that some of your readers who need surgery might benefit from my, and my wife's, recent experience.

My wife was diagnosed with a blood disorder and had to have her spleen surgically removed (splenectomy).

Her specialist, who visits Bundaberg fortnightly, advised her to do the procedure in Brisbane as, he, like many other specialists, believed they have the best surgeons and facilities down there.

However, a trip to Brisbane was very inconvenient for us for various reasons - accommodation, pre-operative and post-operative travel, and no family or relatives to fall back on to take care of our school-going child.

My wife, a nurse at the Bundaberg Hospital, was voicing our concerns to her work colleagues when Dr Grace Lim, a surgeon, said she could, and would, do the surgery at the Bundaberg Hospital itself if my wife was willing.

In truth, we discussed the pros and cons, especially with regards to any complications arising during the surgery and if the facilities at Bundaberg Hospital were available to cope with the unexpected.

My wife, being present at various surgeries, was very confident in the abilities of Dr Lim and the operating theatre staff.

In short, we decided to undergo the laparoscopic splenectomy at Bundaberg Hospital itself and we are very pleased with the outcome.

In the process, doing the surgery at Bundaberg Hospital itself saved the taxpayer quite a bit of money, and so did we.

We also avoided the inconvenience of travelling to Brisbane etc as stated earlier.

The hospital also benefited as it could bill our private health insurer.

The point is that we did not know that there are certain procedures that can be done at Bundaberg itself.

And this despite my wife being in the healthcare sector herself.

I wonder if there is a way that other patients, in a similar situation as we were in, could find out if they could have their surgery done in Bundaberg itself if they chose to. In this case, our GP was unaware too.

Doing these surgeries in our own backyard, would, in turn, I think, enable our hospital to be eligible for more government funding.

My wife and I thank the entire team at the Bundaberg Hospital for their professionalism and excellent service.



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