RATE CUTS: One reader says mayor Jack Dempsey needs to tighten his belt.
RATE CUTS: One reader says mayor Jack Dempsey needs to tighten his belt. Eliza Goetze

LETTER: Homeowners bottomless pits for council funds

Rates will rise unless we protest

A COUSIN in Auckland recently had a grizzle to me that the rates on his home were now $6800 a year.

I replied that the reason for this was that every time the council increased his rates he did nothing: he allowed it, along with all other Aucklanders.

In due course, this is what we in Bundaberg and surrounding areas will be burdened with.

Unless we ratepayers bring to the council's attention that ongoing rate increases are unacceptable.

It has to cease.

Councillors receive generous remuneration for their services to our community (and perhaps rightly so), however they have no idea, or concern, regarding the difficulties faced by people on fixed incomes who are struggling to make ends meet.

The CPI rose 2% throughout the year to the March quarter 2017, however the council's rate increase is 3.5%.

Home owners are viewed as 'a bottomless pit' to fund council's extravagant indulgences.

Enough is enough Mr Dempsy, curb council spending as we the citizens of Bundaberg have to do.



Leave the bank

AUSTRALIAN agriculturalists are remaining loyal to the big four banks despite receiving terrible foreign exchange rates, high fees and little to no service on their international money transfers.

They are already burdened by the prospect of a higher Australian dollar and thin margins on profits because of competitiveness, seasonality and increased overseas price pressures.

So why are they adding to these challenges by letting their banks rip them off?

Part of the problem is that these banks are often the ones who helped set up the family business decades ago, and this familiarity has fostered a sense of loyalty and trust.

However, these emotional connections are leaving agriculture importers and exporters blind to the fact that there are other alternatives out there beyond the big four banks. They deserve a better deal than what they are getting and have a right to know what's out there.

The globalisation of food supply and Australia's growing reliance on overseas markets means our agriculture industry is increasingly dependent on foreign trade. Farmers can no longer ignore the impact of foreign exchange and it is important that they are not left in the dark about their options.

In a tough economic environment, including a volatile Australian dollar, every cent counts. But without quality professional advice, importers and exporters are unable to see how upcoming political and financial market news will affect their bottom line.

Foreign exchange providers like World First Australia can structure trades in a way that can help alleviate the pain pressure of tight margins and boost the yearly FX average of businesses.

On average, we have found that we can save our clients AUD$3000 on every AUD$100,000 that they would have otherwise traded with their bank by offering a better exchange rate and less fees.

On top of this, it's important to us that we provide excellent service and products to ensure that agribusinesses aren't caught out in the cold by market events.

It is time for agriculturalists to break up with their banks when it comes to foreign exchange services so that they can effectively manage their currency risk.

By not researching their rates, fees or even realising that non-bank alternatives are available, importers and exporters are missing out on the opportunity to save themselves thousands of dollars.


Agribusiness specialist

Gone mad

THINGS are getting somewhat out of hand thanks to political correctness gone mad.

There seems to be no end to the violence from the followers of Islam.

At what point are people going to say that enough is enough?

These people have no respect for law and order, except for their own.

Anyone who calls for a crackdown on this sort of nonsense gets labelled as a racist or just being intolerant.

It's all very well to argue that they will settle into local customs and laws, but it will never happen.

It's time to get tough and put a stop to boat people and would-be migrants to any western world nation who just refuse to abide by that country's law and customs.

There are no jobs to come to, so bringing in more people from anywhere doesn't make any sense.

People don't like Donald Trump, but he is right in what he says.

The global warming issue whereby coal-fired power stations, farming, cattle and sheep are causing the world to heat up like the planet Venus, needs to be set straight. Yes, the world's climate is changing, however that is natural and nothing will ever change that.

If that's not enough, Margaret Court has been nailed for standing up for normal marriage values; that a marriage is a union of a man and a woman, not two men or two women.

In today's world, we betide anyone who is on the side of anything that is right and proper.

The people on the far, far left don't like it and will certainly be unrestrained in dragging anyone game enough to have an opinion through the mud.



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