HOT TOPIC: Locals and politicians have been debating power prices.
HOT TOPIC: Locals and politicians have been debating power prices. Will Hunter

LETTER: Governments should control electricity

Power and control

GOVERNMENTS claiming to have the capacity to control power prices is simply untrue considering previous regimes have privatised almost all generation and distribution, and established a greed-based, Australia-wide, national grid and marketing system.

The only way governments can control electricity costs, or indeed anything, is to own and operate it.

The nonsense about power pricing being fed to the people by politicians is simply political lies aimed at gaining some perceived political advantage.

But like most politicians' promises, has no chance of being achieved while private enterprise controls the industry.

About time governments returned to fixing those areas they control, or nationalise those other areas such as power, then they can make a real difference.


Elliott Heads

Political shambles

IAN Brookfield finished his gobbledegook tirade (NM, 5/8) with the unintelligible comment "you voted for them once”.

What does that even mean? Voted for whom? Voted for what?

Strange political babble indeed.

But then the two major parties - LNP, ALP - rely on confused, one-eyed constituents to keep them in power.

This results in the dysfunctional shambles both parties have dumped on this country during their terms of office.

They have brought this once great country to its knees with failed trading policies, reckless immigration systems, the sell-out of Australian manufacturing, deplorable transport infrastructure, wasted billions on vote-buying projects, a useless NBN broadband network $40 billion over budget, and electricity prices the highest in the world.

Now, Mr Brookfield, you might find nothing wrong with all of these problems brought on by your beloved LNP, or their mutual friends behind the scenes, the ALP.

And that is your prerogative.

But each, in turn, has visited a plague of economic locusts on this country, so please don't try to "sugar coat” their failures.

It just makes you look foolish.



Parties to blame

BUNDABERG MP Leanne Donaldson must be the only person in the state who doesn't think the ALP-LNP are responsible for the high costs of electricity.

At least she has the good grace to admit that electricity is a major cost of living pressure for Bundaberg families.

She blames the national energy market, but her problem is closer to home and she knows it.

The Queensland Economic Advocacy Solutions report, out this week, blames rising power prices on the Queensland Government's excessive use of energy companies as cash cows to fund its debts.

To my knowledge, no one in government has yet responded to the report, let alone say it is wrong, and I don't expect them to because it hits the nail on the head.

The LNP voted for the ALP budget recently, supporting all the extra taxes and increases in charges that it contains.

Neither of the major parties are doing enough to assist Queenslanders cope with rising energy prices.

Only One Nation has the answer.

In the next parliament, One Nation will move to leave the annual dividends the ALP and LNP price gouge from the energy-providers, so they can use the more than billion dollars to cut electricity prices by about 20%.


Queensland Leader - One Nation

Aged care?

YET another damning report on the status of aged care (ABC 7.30 Report 3/8/17).

How much more misery will our aged have to endure before a government of any persuasion instigates reform?

First and foremost recognise and acknowledge that giving care to the aged is a nursing speciality.

Over the years there has been an insidious, systematic move by providers, aided and abetted by government, to remove "nursing” from the provision of aged care.

Nursing home becomes "residential aged care facility”, director of nursing - facility care manager, assistant in nursing - personal care worker...

Whilst this certainly gives the providers greater flexibility with their employees in regard to duties and remuneration, it does nothing to ensure that the delivery of care is being given by an appropriate skills mix of registered and unlicensed workers.


North Bundaberg

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