UNIVERSITY FEES: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Treasurer Scott Morrison.
UNIVERSITY FEES: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Treasurer Scott Morrison.

LETTER: Education fail

Education fail

OUR government under the guidance of our PM is to be congratulated on once again raising the university fees.

Ignoring the claims of do-gooders that Australia needs higher education to compete with other countries, they have ensured and rightly so that only would-be students with well-off parents can afford to gain degrees.

This is how it should be as the parents by virtue of their wealth have proven their superiority over the working class.

It is not as if the latter will not be able to gain employment.

We are constantly being told service industries particularly those concerned with tourism need skilled workers.

Servants can earn a reasonable living wage appropriate to their social position even those employed by foreign visitors and the blue collar workers will be happier knowing and keeping their place in our class system .

Good on you PM. Keep the majority ignorant or face revolution.



No value

WHILE Keith Pitt's domestic travel allowance claims may be within the rules, it is certainly outside the ethical behaviour standards expected of our politicians.

Why can't the travel allowance rules for federal politicians mirror that of Queensland public servants? That is, in order to be paid the allowances, accommodation and meals must be obtained at a registered hotel or motel and receipts produced.

Seems simple - unless one is a federal politician.

There is no economic multiplier or hospitality jobs created by paying Keith Pitt $273 a night to stay in a home owned by his family trust.


Burnett Heads

Lots of laughs

CONGRATULATIONS to Dieter Moeckel on his letter "rural joke” (NM, 08/05).

It was the most well-written bit of humour to appear in the NewsMail this year. Not often anything makes us laugh out loud but that did it.

C'mon NewsMail, usurp the demon who is Andrew Bolt and hire Dieter to lift us all into the light of common sense.



Boofhead approach

THE headline Bennett throws down the gauntlet on ice (NM, 09/05) explains a lot about the lack of ability of the gauntlet thrower to formulate a plan on his own.

We all are aware of the many far reaching problems created by the use of this insidious drug, but to politicalise it only creates greater publicity, which has an end result of it gaining more users.

The member for Burnett in his legendary quest to find something to berate the adjoining member of Bundaberg about has become both infantile, pointless and out of date.

If ever there was a problem that required bi-partisan co-operation on then this is it. I am quite sure that both electorates like all of Australia share the same social disease.

So for Stephen Bennett to try to offload the problem to Leanne Donaldson is the most boofhead approach that one could imagine.

Obviously the LNP do not have any sort of idea or plan to curb and defeat the massive ice situation so it goes out and attacks the party that is doing something about it.

Now that is both dumb and stupid Stephen so why don't you and your party do something creative for once and join forces with the government to fight the problem, that way perhaps we could expect it to be extinguished faster.

That would be a tremendous result that society would be grateful for, no political point scoring just a lot of hard creative work with a tremendous gain for all us with its success.

The old saying "united we stand, divided we fall” could not be more meaningful than in this situation.



Think of all the Mums

WITH Mother's Day approaching this seems like a fitting time for all of us to reflect on the enormous cruelty to mothers in the dairy industry.

If you are a mother yourself, please think how you would feel if you were forced to endure the agony of giving birth each year, only to have your precious newborn baby stolen from you soon after.

Cow mothers have feelings just like us and the continual theft of their beloved babies is extremely distressing to them. They grieve, bellow and search for them for days.

Just as human breast milk is intended solely for the nourishment of baby humans, cows milk is intended solely for the nourishment of baby cows.

No one else needs it and no one else has a right to it yet, every year in Australia, around 400,000 newborn dairy calves are slaughtered in their first week of life. They are killed just so their milk can be stolen for profit.

If you are fortunate enough to be taken out for a meal on Mother's Day please remember that all dairy products are necessarily and unquestionably derived by cruelty to mothers. The very best way to help end this cruelty is by saying no to dairy.



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