LETTER: Drinking rules

RE: article on "booze", Thursday, July 21 by Pamela Frost.

I feel it is worth a mention that we did not extend our drinking hours in Queensland in the year of 1966.

We already had this luxury, well we drinkers did think it to be a luxury to be able to drink to the hour of 10 o'clock, legally that is.

In the very early stages of the 1950s as a teenager and keen to test the quality of available booze, the pubs were open until the hour of 10 at night.

It was illegal to serve a teenager, as the drinking age was 21 years of age, as was the voting age.

It was okay to put 'us' in uniform and if need be to send 'us' off to war - but no drink - no booze!

Can you imagine the feeling of this being, as a 22-year-old arriving in England early 1956 on a working holiday and finding - dancing and booze combined in the same area, be it a pub or a dance hall!

Another little thought re: our do's and do not's; memory suggests the pubs were closed on polling day and remained so until the polling booths closed and I would say that to be 6 o'clock; this could have had a variation from state to federal elections; if this was not the case when I first voted, it certainly was the case in the early stages of my life.

Rest assured, it was legal to drink in a Queensland public house until the hour of 10pm in the early 1950s.



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