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LETTER: Don't trash fast train proposal

Get on board

IS IT just me, or is anyone else disappointed in the member for Bundaberg's close-minded, negative attitude towards our plan for a Very Fast Train network linking the Wide Bay to the rest of the south-east?

Just because her Labor Party doesn't have the foresight or capability to plan for the future and ensure these revolutionary projects become a reality, doesn't mean she should rubbish the proposal.

The Very Fast Train would open up incredible opportunities and significantly boost the region's economy.

It would create employment opportunities, tourism opportunities and, importantly, people who rely on the health services of the south-east corner will be able to reach the state's capital city in just two hours.

What I find absurd is that the member for Bundaberg is more than happy to look after the south-east corner of Queensland by supporting the $15 billion Cross River Rail project, rather than look after her own backyard.

The member for Bundaberg should stop championing the Cross River Rail project for her mates in South-east and start thinking about the people she was elected to represent.


Member for Burnett

Don't have a cow

MIKE O'Shaughnessy says cows milk has saturated fats, cholesterol, and lactose; that I rant, and he sees killing animals as similar to human slavery (NM, 08/08).

Dairy cattle were part of my life from before I went to school in the mid-1940s.

By 1954 we were milking 110 cows by machines twice a day.

We cared for our animals.

They were a vital part of our lives.

Don't try to give me a guilt trip by likening killing cattle to slavery.

Many societies would not have survived if they did not have animals.

They provide a lot of essential items for us humans.

It is a two-way street.

The animals get benefits from us, and we get benefits from them.

Times of drought are heart-breaking as we see our animals suffering and sometimes dying.

I, and many others don't have any problems with butter fats, cholesterol or lactose.

Fresian cows are very low in butter fat, while jerseys are very high.

I worked for a dairy co-op in the 1980s and had a jersey house cow.

We let her calf suck two teats while I milked the other two.

We had enough milk, butter and cream for a large family.

That cow was like family to us.

Common sense dictated that we eat the bull calves.

Some city folks claim farmers force their cows to be in calf.

What rubbish. As soon as a cow starts cycling, she looks for a bull. Most cows produce a calf each year, without human help.

It is easy to sit back and tell others what to do; but your advice needs to be both practical and achievable.


Avenell Heights

Political deception

RE: The ongoing controversy with our politicians holding dual citizenship.

If a person is holding dual citizenship would it not show on their passports?

If that is the case, and considering the extraordinary amount of time our federal politicians spend flying around the world would they not notice that particular fact?

And now that they freely admit they are dual citizens and fraudulently filled out their political "nomination forms” for the electoral commission to become a politician is that not a criminal offense?

The Constitution is very clear on this particular matter.

And if it is a criminal offence then why haven't they been charged with voting fraud by falsely pretending to be something they are not and thus deceiving the voting public?

These matters have been referred to the High Court and based on the known facts surely this must be regarded as "political deception” as laid down in the Constitution.

But the legal mind doesn't deal in straightforward black and white facts. It will search for obscure reasons to avoid the undeniable authenticity spelled out quite clearly in the Constitutional statutes.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering who will pay the millions in legal bills for these court proceedings our millionaire Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has suggested the taxpayers should be responsible.

What else is new?



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