What about chickens asks PETA.
What about chickens asks PETA. Karin von Behrens

LETTER: Disgusted by dog meat? What about chickens?

New bridge

"WHAT would you do for Bundy with $11m” (NM June 20).

I would like to put forward that the Bundaberg Regional Council collaborate with adjacent councils to progress the building of a bridge over the Burrum River.

There has been renewed enthusiasm in the Wide Bay area for a bridge over the Burrum River; between Buxton and Burrum Heads.

The project would boost the local economy and employment.

The bridge would provide an alternate route and reduce travel time between Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.

Even our federal member, Keith Pitt has said, in his maiden speech, 14 November 2013, "a bridge over the Burrum River would link the Hinkler electorate's tourism centres and provide an alternative route for critical transport, to take pressure off the Bruce Hwy”.

A cost of the proposed two-lane bridge over the Burrum River is estimated to be $30 million.

The bridge is proposed to be built over the narrowest parts of the Burrum River.

It has been estimated that an additional $20 million will be required for a new road to link Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.

By combining resources of the Bundaberg Regional Council with adjacent councils, we could finally make this dream a reality.


One Nation Candidate


Dog food

AUSTRALIANS are entitled to be angry and disgusted by reports that tourists in Bali are routinely being fed dog meat.

Dogs are not on the menu in Australia, and the Bali dogs, according to eye-witnesses, suffer appallingly cruel deaths before being eaten, often sold falsely as chicken satays.

Many are poisoned, adding further risk to the unwitting consumer.

But before demanding that your satays come from another animal, spare a thought for the billions of chickens killed just as inhumanely every year.

These chickens endure miserable lives in filthy, overcrowded factory farms and probably never see the sun or take a breath of fresh air until they are put onto trucks and sent to slaughter. Chickens are genetically bred to grow so large and so fast that their legs, lungs, and hearts often can't keep up - their upper bodies grow six to seven times faster than they would naturally.

Many of these animals suffer crippling leg deformities, lung collapse, and heart failure.

When the chickens are about seven weeks old, still infants, they are thrown into crates to be loaded onto the transport trucks.

Many suffer from broken wings and legs.

After they are unloaded, these chickens are hung, still fully conscious, upside-down by their often broken legs in metal shackles before their heads are passed through electrically charged water that immobilises them but does not render them unconscious.

Unless they have died from stress and abuse before they're shackled, these animals are still alive when their throats are slit, and die slowly of blood loss.

They then enter the scalding-water tank for feather removal. Because many of them flap and miss both the immobilisation bath and the throat-cutting blade, they are scalded to death.

The only safe way to ensure you are not eating dog satays is to request tasty, nutritious vegan food.

Each vegan saves more than 100 animals a year, so not only will you be looking after your health, but that of hundreds of other sentient animals.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Rates rise

THE question is, will they ever learn.

The answer is no.

They are our cocooned mob of councillors including our new CEO and the current situation of rate increases by 3.5%.

Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden egg, this Dempsey led group seem to think that all of us ratepayers have an unlimited source of funds and that they just have to keep on coming up with new projects to spend on, as evidenced in their latest budget.

Do they ever look at our demographics that feature a large number of pensioners and underprivileged who don't have any income at all except their pensions.

It would appear that those in power think that they have a capital city source of funding.

The reality is they haven't and there is a word called austerity that has to be applied when necessary.

An annual report due to be released by the Australian Local Governments Association, their own body, tells us that Queenslanders are worse off now than eight years ago.

It also singles out our area, Wide Bay has the lowest disposable income per capita in Australia also the highest unemployment rate and the tragic claim youth unemployment is also the worst.

Having this information available Dempsey and crew still keep on with this high spending policy as they think that we are impressed with their pork barrelling.

Hey Jack, get into the real world you and your mob are highly paid individuals and can afford to pay the increase particularly since your wages keep on growing.

Our incomes keep on depleting which makes this the recipe for disaster.

Also what happened to the pre-election pledges to reduce our rates or is that one of the porky pies that we are supposed to ignore once you are elected.


Burnett Downs

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