LETTER: CRG misconceptions

AS CHAIR of the BR Floodplain Community Reference Group, I would like to reply to the letter from R Henderson regarding some misconceptions provided in the letter.

The CRG was set up by the council of the time to collect information and suggestions from the community and transmit those via a final report to the council for consideration.

The group comprised people from right across the region and from many interest groups.

The group was not CBD-centric, and only one member of the group represented those interests.

The group visited many areas and spoke directly to members of the community regarding mitigation.

All told, there were more than 300 mitigation suggestions made.

After grouping, more than 70 mitigation strategies were comprehensively investigated.

Thus our final report containing a prioritised list of mitigation strategies was produced to the council within three months of formation.

Subsequently our report was closely examined by

<QL>an independent consultancy group appointed by

<QL>the present State Government.

The consultants produced a response regarding the efficacy of CRG report, supporting the methodology used and the findings.

I feel I must respond on behalf of the CRG group, to clear up the matters referenced in the letter today.

Our group was non-political.

The then council did not interfere in our deliberations, however did provide secretarial

<QL>services and advice to our questions.

The report produced had its genesis in what the community told us they wanted, and was evidence-based.

To infer anything else does a great dis-service to the members of the group and the hundreds of people in our wider community who felt strongly enough to put forward their thoughts and ideas.

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