Council needs to crack down on loud neighbours.
Council needs to crack down on loud neighbours. Jay Cronan

LETTER: Council needs to enforce noise laws

Chook shock

ASK folk who live near an airport, railway line, or busy street about the noise.

It doesn't overly annoy them, as it is their choice to live there and they are accustomed to it.

But there are some noises we utterly reject.

About this kerfuffle with the noise the rooster makes.

At the risk of being fowled (sic) down, I am on the side of the so-called whingers.

Why you may well ask?

First I lay the blame for this sorry mess squarely at the feet of the Bundaberg Regional Council.

They make plenty of rules and regulations for us town dwellers: don't make noise before 7am, no incinerators, no outdoor fires, no loud parties or music, roosters that don't crow and dogs that don't bark.

If we transgress on any of these regulations, the neighbour whinges and the council pounces and rightly so because when we live quite close we all have to observe the rules for a semblance of amenity.

But what of the blockies and those that go to the fringe of town for peace and tranquillity?

They observe far less stringent rules than we town dwellers and there in lies the rub.

Apart from the economic side of things, there seems to be two reasons folks go to the country.

One lot want peace and tranquillity with the good noises of gentle farm life, including roosters and then there are those that move there because they believe they can make as much noise as they like, after all they are not annoying anyone in the city, are they?

So they light rubbish fires, have a panel beating side line, play loud music, have as many animals as you like, let the kids go wild on trail bikes all weekend while dad practises on his own mini speedway.

Have I missed anything?

BRC should come down more harshly on the transgressors.

One of the problems seems to be the size of the property.

BRC needs to define what activities are okay for a certain size of land.

I have no problem with the free-spirited noise makers, as long as they gave me a break at certain times, for example late night and weekends.

Unless you want to live on a mountain cross-legged chanting kumbaya, then we all have to live with a certain amount of noise.

Just have a thought for your neighbours.




What relevance?

I WONDER if the Australian sailors fighting in the Battle of the Coral Sea would have approved of the prominence given to some in the gathering and peripheral reporting of the event.

Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart?

What possible relevance could they have to the memory of a 20-year-old mechanic from the suburbs or the bush fighting for his life?

Do you think they would have approved Murdoch's character as shown in a televised British inquiry not so long ago.

Part of the gathering should have been watching from an outside screen in the banned smokers' room.

They are just as lethal to the battler today.




RE: PITT says Labor silent on worker exploitation issue (NM, 05/05), we need to remind Mr Pitt that it is in his back yard that exploitation is happening as it is the Fair Work regime not Queensland Industrial Relations regime.

Did he forget or was it an oversight by making comment in the wrong jurisdiction, only to earn brownie points against another political party?

Always thought Mr Pitt didn't know the difference.

If he did he would have not commented on Queensland's State Government.

I now ask Mr Pitt if he is prepared to offer the federal Fair Work system back to the states again so it can be managed properly?

If not would he support the state industrial inspectorate having dual powers to work in both jurisdictions like it was before?

Does Mr Pitt also realise the more the workers get ripped off under the federal Fair Work system, which he is responsible for, the less revenue comes into the federal coffers?

Yes, all on Keith Pitt's watch.

Something to be proud of Mr Pitt?



North Bundaberg

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