EXPENSIVE: Everyday living is going through the roof.
EXPENSIVE: Everyday living is going through the roof. denphumi

LETTER: Cost of living is too dear

Too dear

OH DEAR! Oh dear!

Queensland is becoming too expensive for Bob and I to live here.

Rego up.

Rates up.

Electricity up.

Fed up!

The biggest shock was when we had to have a new switch-board fitted to our house.

To bring us into the 21st century no doubt.

I asked for the old meters to be put back as they still worked well, but it turned out they had to go, in favour of a new digital model.

I was told it was Ergon property.

Well then.

If it is Ergon property and we have no say in having to update our meter, why do we have to pay a hefty charge for it to be installed?

We tried to get an appointment to see Leanne Donaldson regarding the issue, but she was "out of town".

Sometime later I went down in person to get some answers and was told she was "in meeting".

A phone call would have been appreciated.

The very nice office lady said they had written to a minister regarding the matter, but at the time of writing this, no answer has been forthcoming.

I wonder what my dad would think of the ALP of today?

The champion of the workers and underprivileged.

He was a life member of the ALP, and every election day he would be there from start to finish, handing out how to vote cards.

The Liberal Party hasn't escaped my criticism either.

Australians are finding it harder to balance their budgets these days.

New rules and regulations are many.

The homeless and disadvantaged are having a hard time of it, too.

Those who badly need to be on a disability pension cannot get one.

GST has bitten hard on my bank accounts.

This does not include food and other household items.

The GST on house repairs and other upkeep, together with other government charges over the years, has been extensive.

So much so that if we still had all that money, we would probably have enough to buy a yacht and sail off to New Zealand to live.

We are told they have a healthy economy, jobs and are debt free.

Perhaps taking out duel citizenship might be the way to go.



Road safety

AS A road safety advocate I welcome the annual Road Safety Week which seeks to remind Bundaberg road users that they are the ones with the power to make our roads safer.

Tragically, we have already seen 153 people die on Queensland roads this year - even one death is too many.

All too often I see people who have been injured in motor vehicle related accidents that have lifelong impacts not only on the individual but also on their loved ones and the wider community.

Thankfully, here in Queensland we have an excellent CTP scheme to support injured motorists, but it's also important for all road users to be aware of the safety risks on our roads and prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

It's up to every road user to ensure they obey the road rules and drive safely every time they get behind the wheel to ensure our loved ones arrive home safely at the end of the day.


Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Signage hazard

JUST a couple of observations.

Why do we have Pauline Hanson on the One Nation signs instead of Steve Dickson?

He is going to be the leader in Queensland of the One Nation Party isn't he?

Why is he hiding this fact?

Is he trying to confuse voters that they aren't voting for Pauline but for Steve Dickson?

Why is he hiding?

Pauline is a federal senator and won't have any place in State Parliament.

Are we now going to have a party full of populist ideas then just to confuse voters?

Goodness, next we will have Labor's Leanne Donaldson with a picture of Bill Shorten stuck next to her since she is campaigning on federal issues and ignoring the state ones all the time.

Also why are their One Nation signs up?

Isn't there a ruling that it is illegal to display large non approved electioneering signs within a certain time period of an election being called?

There is a reason why there are signage laws, so people can't pop them up everywhere and cause an accident.

They are nothing but a distraction and a potential hazard to drivers as they are neither prominent enough nor small enough and you tend to take your eyes off the road because they pop up at you.

I nearly crashed the other day.

Not a fan of Pauline but the site of her without a burqa spooked me.


Svensson Heights

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