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LETTER: Black car concern

THIS letter has nothing to do with racial discrimination political correctness or the like. I welcome indigenous people and I think they are equal to us white people and should be respected.

I also have friends who drive black cars, and I wish no offence to them. There is nothing more beautiful in the machinery world, than a clean, shiny black limousine.

In Gympie in the late 1950s there lived a private taxi driver whose cab was a jet black FJ Holden with cherry coloured leather seats- a beautiful car indeed, and I am sure the envy of many young men in the town.

Arthur's car was always shiny and a joy to fill with petrol every couple of days.

Used in the right setting, black is very attractive and impressive.

It can be used for diverse occasions- weddings, proms, even royalty or government celebrations.

Conversely, most of the time the hearse was black- I suppose signifying death.

Black can be used for any occasion- joyful or mourning. Now the hearse is often white and Bibles are multi-coloured. So there has been a shift in our perceptions of what is appropriate and relevant.

Today, while on the one hand we don't want to talk about death, yet on the other, we are as a society bent on hastening toward it by the choices we make.

Everybody knows what these choices are. But the black car issue is not so obvious. In town they are safe enough, but I call on manufacturers of cars to provide a reduced number of black cars, as they are very hard to see on the highways at great speeds.

It would be interesting to know whether there were more fatal accidents caused by darks cars than other cars.

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