BEWARE: Watch out for people carrying gym bags.
BEWARE: Watch out for people carrying gym bags. Lee Constable

LETTER: Beware gym bags

Rewrite the script

RE: BURQA ban (NM, 19/08).

John Scarbrow, I must say, I am a huge fan of your work. I have already thought of some great sequels for you to pitch after your script becomes a best selling movie.

Hear me out.

A lone voice pleads with authorities to ban gym bags.

Now imagine three buff guys carrying gym bags rock up at a popular Bundaberg gym, one of them may even have a sports drink.

Suddenly they unzip their gym bags and pull out automatic weapons and start shooting up the place.

There are people dead everywhere all because gym bags weren't banned.

I was just just wondering, with your original idea, could we have a tornado pick up the women in burqas and distribute them around Bundaberg?

We could then call it Burqanado.

Do you think that may be a little too over the top?



Love thy neighbour

I WONDER how many "anti-gay” people are as aggressive to people who are born "different” to their "normal”: people born deaf, who have heart defects or are physically different to you in any other way.

You are as you are so must live in your body.

How lucky you perfect people who claim to be "normal” are.

What is normal?

Love thy neighbour.



Diana not protected

TWENTY years after the death of Princess Diana the public still finds it terribly sad and wrong.

Her death resulted from photographers chasing her for a photo.

Using special flash cameras to penetrate the tinted windows, they temporarily blinded the driver.

Police has these photos, yet blamed the driver for the accident.

There was also missing CCTV, one of the photographers had links to MI6 and Diana's trip to the hospital was extremely slow.

This proves nothing other than feed conspiracy theories.

Personally, I think Diana was murdered by media, even though her death was very convenient for some.

The mother to the future king was not protected.


Burnett Heads

Crisis of power

AT A time when serious discussions need to take place to answer serious world events, that old red assuring, called a gun amnesty, gets hauled across the path to distract people and get everyone wasting time on a bad decision made by the Howard Government.

In response to the Port Arthur Massacre, the government decreed that guns kill people and no one could be trusted with them and that society would be a safe place without them.

It is now the year 2017: is Australia a safe place yet?

Far from becoming safer, Australia is now a very dangerous place with the criminal element ruling the roost.

These people respect no one, including the police.

There are far more news stories where some madman is holding people hostage with a gun, or some nut drives a car or truck deliberately into innocent bystanders.

The response of the government is weak.

More alarming is the fact that most people seem to favour the Labor and Greens parties and they go soft on crime.

Wake up folks, this is not the time for weak leadership.

A future Labor and Greens government will commit us to unrealistic green power targets.

Folks, I don't have a problem with renewable power.

I'm just saying the technology for green power isn't good enough, nor is it economical to stand on its own without being subsidised by coal and gas.

It's ridiculous that Australia exports millions of tonnes of coal and gas, yet we ourselves are short of power and it is now so expensive that may people and businesses can no longer afford it and are being disconnected.

As for dual citizenship, surely the common sense solution to that is if someone takes out Australian citizenship, then that should automatically remove any other citizenship.


South Kolan

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