LETTER: Ban is a dog act

The NSW Government is banning greyhound racing in that state.

This act produces a dangerous precedent whereby a group of politicians in power can at their whim ban a public sport that has been around for well over a hundred years.

What right have they to do this when they are only around for the elected term and therefore only hold the position temporarily?

While I am not a supporter of this particular sport I can see that the government of the day must ensure that the participants, in this case dogs, are looked after from a safety point of view and that rules of engagement are upheld.

That should be the end of their authority, otherwise these politicians can impose on us all sorts of ridiculous bans that suit their beliefs.

So why didn't the government ban cricket after the very unfortunate accidental death of Phillip Hughes while playing the sport or at least made the administrators replace the hard ball with a soft one so that participants can't be hurt?

Perhaps they should ban Rugby league after the tackle that left Alex McKinnon of the Newcastle Knights a paraplegic as the sport is too brutal, or as a compromise ban tackling and any other rough or violent play?

Maybe that is the key to NSW to finally beating Queensland in Origin.

While these examples are extreme it only amplifies the possibility of what can happen to sports should a pacifist or a group of same reach the highest levels of politics and are able to exert on us their personal views.

On that basis all sports lover, should tell them in no uncertain terms where to go.

Highest level politics have no place in sport administration and should confine their activity and voice to other areas that fall within their mandate.

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