ON THE CARD: Keith Pitt and Alan Tudge announce the Cashless Card for Bundaberg.
ON THE CARD: Keith Pitt and Alan Tudge announce the Cashless Card for Bundaberg. Craig Warhurst

LETTER: 20% can be still wasted on cashless card

Well done

CONGRATULATIONS to all those involved with the introduction of the cashless welfare card especially Federal Member Keith Pitt .

For those of us who pay lots of tax to the Federal Government and employ staff, I say thank you for listening to the silent majority.

These payments should have never been used for alcohol, gambling and other drugs including cigarettes anyway.

The dole is there to temporarily keep people going whilst they get a job and also to feed, house and clothe their family.

Unfortunately, only 80% will be quarantined for essential expenses.

Presumably, the other 20% can be wasted.

Many people like me pay for most things on a card anyway.

So what is the issue here?

Do young dole recipients spend more than 20% of their welfare on legal and illegal drugs and gambling?

An alternative to this card is to take whatever jobs are available including field work.



Gay marriage

A GROUP of neighbours got together to talk about their country.

They were Labor, Greens, Coalition, independents and One Nation and up to date with the news.

They had this really ugly fight about gay people.

Some say allow them to marry, others don't.

It all started with the way Malcolm Turnbull managed the government, allowing the country to go silly.

Some of the reforms of his government proposed show that he is out of touch.

The politicians want us to solve the love, sex and freedom of human relations problem.

I believe I'm speaking for many people, because they too believe this moment is our opportunity to stop the way the Devil exploits inequality to destroy social values.

Politicians care more about making laws than making them work.

It is no accident that most major and even minor pieces of legislation these days run in to thousands of pages.

The "freedoms” we value in Australia are, thankfully, comprehensive enough to protect the right of fools to express their misguided opinions.

The majority of Australians have an innate tendency not to remain silent, when the acts of the few impact on the rights of many.

Gay marriage has a growing number of joyful yeses, but the idea is poison to others.

I'm included.


It is natural to resent the system and the people who put you in that situation and to blame them for your problems, but that doesn't hurt them and it doesn't help you.

We need to renounce the false gospel of equality and love.

It is a disease of our nation's culture.

It is not an answer to life's problems.

When I decided to write to the editor of the NewsMail about this issue, I was tempted not to waste my time and energy.

But then I remembered the starved minds of those who may read it, who are crying out for help.

If this is going to accomplish anything, then we need to get straight to the point.

Most of us are prisoners to the cruel and selfish society.

Many pretend to be tough, but deep down they feel lost and helpless.

You must be willing to change.

Change what?

Change habits, language, priorities, in fact, nearly everything about you.

God and Satan divide the world of mankind.

The Devil is said to work in the children of "disobedience”.

Finally to quote from the Gospel of John 8; 43-45' Jesus said, "Why do you not listen to what I say?

"It is because you cannot bear to listen to my message.

"You are children of your father the Devil and you want to follow his desires.

"From the beginning the Devil was a murderer and has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth in him.

"When the Devil tells a lie, he is only doing what comes naturally to him, because he is the father of all lies.

But I tell you the truth, and that is why you do not believe me.”

If they were not God's children, they were the Devil's.



Select protest

LEANNE Donaldson's anti-cashless card campaign has been revealed as a protest against the federal coalition hoping to score cheap votes.

The campaigners, who are friends of Labor, conveniently ignore that Shorten fully supports the program.

The ALP introduced the Basics Card to deter extreme DV and sex abuse against children in indigenous communities.

Leanne's campaign has had nothing to do with values, and caring for workers and the unemployed - its to play politics to get votes to keep her state seat.

It is the rising cost of business in tourism and agricultural/fishery businesses, the stress of paying electricity bills and the fear of the future if jobs disappear due to unsustainable price rises.

She does not care for regional Queensland at all, but hey, spend, spend away.

I'm looking forward to all the vote-buying magic tricks that you and Labor grant our electorate.


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