Let your heart be melted by Frozen

Disney's Frozen - PG - 108mins - Family/Animation - Now Showing

Frozen stars Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad.

It follows the story of two sisters named Anna and Elsa, Elsa was born with ice powers, but, after an incident when they were younger causes Elsa to shut Anna out for many years. When Elsa is crowned queen, her ice magic is revealed which causes Anna to go out and find her and bring her back to their home town of Erindale.

Directed by Chris Buck (Surf's Up and Tarzan) and co-directed by Jennifer Lee (Wreck-It Ralph), Frozen is a magical delight.

The animation in Frozen is so clear with an appropriate colour pallet.

The way the human characters are designed in this film are so well done and the interactions between the characters and scenery is so well incorporated.

Frozen doesn't just look pretty, it's interesting and well-paced story progression is fantastic and most of the characters are well developed.

I do have to say that the character of Olaf, although being the highlight, comes into the story a little too late.

Josh Gad's character, Olaf is the best thing about this film.

His well developed charisma and hilarious comedic timing will guarantee make everyone laugh.

Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell have phenomenal chemistry, and the characters work well together.

The music is addicting and you will no doubt be buying the soundtrack after you see this film.

The songs have nice tunes and the singing is no doubt fantastic.

Everything about Frozen, you are destined to love… And so are your children.

It's amazing music; animation and characters provide a worthwhile first theatre experience for your little ones.

Hold on tight, because you're in for an engaging ride.

5 Joeden Stars (out of 5)