Letters: Aid spend is small

Letters: EVER since Malcolm Fraser used the scare tactic that the budget deficit was equal to $600 owed by every person in Australia, political parties have used the national versus household budget analogy.

Multinational, corporation and government budgets are not analogous to household budgets.

Multinational corporations exist because of debt, massive loans and of course the debt to investors. Governments do much the same.

In 2015 Australia will spend 0.5% of gross national income on overseas aid, if one were to make a comparison to a household that would represent $500 per week for a weekly income of $1000, or less than a stubby.

Australia's gross national income is just over $382 billion and Australia spends nearly $30 billion annually on defence alone without new acquisitions, or nearly 4% of GNI.

Australia's gross national debt as a percentage of GNI is the lowest in the OECD.

I recommend critics compare their own debts to that of collective debt as a point of comparison and not dance to the tune of government propaganda and rhetoric.



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