'Leave it as it is. One man, one woman make a marriage'

YOUR SAY: Please, to our government and opposition. Stop going on about equal marriage etc.

Really, we don't need a vote. Leave it alone. Leave marriage as it is. One man and one woman make up a marriage.

In practically every country and race, the bond has been accepted, except by the few, and those nations where bigamy is accepted.

Legislate if you must, if you feel so inclined, but never, no way call it marriage. Marriage is and always must be the union of one man and one woman.

Even nature teaches us that. Even in nature, in most animals and birds, a male and a female raise their young. Are same sex unions logical? Our bodies, male and female, specifically have been made different for a very good reason.

Obviously this is going to happen in our society, so call it whatever you will, but not ever "marriage". At least keep that sacred. Don't ignore the billions of married couples worldwide.

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba

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