Last chance to take home a $1000 debit card!

Enter now for your chance to win big!
Enter now for your chance to win big! bowie15

IF YOUR name isn't already entered in the competition to take home a $1000 Visa debit card, then get your skates on!

As part of our Bill Busters Bingo promotion, we're giving away $64,000 worth of fuel, travel and grocery vouchers, including this week's mega prize of a $1000 loaded Visa card.

You've got until 11am Wednesday to enter the draw for this week's mega prize, and by entering just once, you'll be in the running to also win next week's $1000 travel voucher prize and a $1000 grocery voucher the following week.

But that's not the only way you can win big with us in the Bill Busters Bingo promotion.

Play bingo for your chance to take home one of the 20 $50 vouchers we're giving away in the region each week. Here's how to play: using the bingo card inside the paper last Saturday, and the Saturday before, find the week's corresponding numbers in the paper each day and cross them off. We're in week two of the promotion right now, so ensure you use the week two section on the bingo card. If you get bingo in the week two box this week (from last Saturday June 24 and this coming Friday June 30), you've won! Bring your winning card into our office to claim your $50 visa card. From Saturday, a new game will start and you'll begin week three where 20 $50 travel vouchers are up for grabs and then week four the following Saturday with 20 $50 grocery vouchers available to win.

Winners of the major $1000 vouchers will be drawn every Wednesday at 11am, so get your names in early. For more information on our Bill Busters Bingo promotion and how you can be a winner, head HERE.

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