COURT: Ronald says not to lasre poiters at Maccas.
COURT: Ronald says not to lasre poiters at Maccas.

Laser pointers at McDonald's land man in hot water

GRABBING late night munchies from Macca's at 3.40am on a Saturday, Jordan Tibbitts and his mates were spotted by Bundaberg police.

The officers did a U-turn and spoke to Tibbetts and his two mates in the McDonald's carpark.

But along with two pipes used to smoke drugs, police also seized two illegal laser pointers found in the car.

His late night meal stop ended with Tibbetts going before Bundaberg Magistrates Court and pleading guilty to possession of property used in a drug offence on October 14; and possession of restricted items - laser pointers.

Prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess said police saw three people in the car park and went in.

Officers saw Tibbetts had a piece of paper that he tried to conceal in his pants. Writing on the paper was drug related.

A brass cone piece and a long pipe were found in the car boot under carpet, Tibbetts saying both had been used to smoke drugs.

Sgt Burgess said two laser pointers were also found and both exceeded 5 milliwatts in output.

Lawyer Mary Buchanan said Tibbetts was a farm hand who purchased the laser pointers online for $5 each.

And he'd only just got them and had them for "no sinister purpose”.

"He says they were red ones and he thought only the green ones are illegal,” Ms Buchanan said.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin fined Tibbetts $150 for the restricted items offence.

For the drug offence, Tibbetts was put on a four-month good behaviour bond with a $300 own recognisance and must do a drug education session.

No conviction was recorded.

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