Residents upset by dead dog found in water at Bargara Lakes

PEOPLE living in Bargara Lakes estate are fuming after a dead dog was found in the water feature.

This comes after the NewsMail recently reported on the frustration of residents that the once pristine lake had fallen into such disrepair.

Mat Lynch has lived in Broadwater Close for two years and said he was shocked when he came across the carcass yesterday morning.

"I was throwing the ball with my dog when the ball went over the fence," he said.

"So I went to get a ball back and saw the dog and just felt sorry for the poor thing."

Mr Lynch said he was frustrated that nothing had been done to fix the lakes since he moved in nearby.

"The water used to be so clean you could see a large fish swimming in the lake," he said.

Bundaberg Regional Council said it only became aware of the dead dog yesterday but no formal complaint or request had been lodged or received.

Councillor Wayne Honor said the lake was not free-flowing and, as a result, filled up with nutrients and pollution which ran off from the surrounding environment and nearby properties.

"Council has investigated methods of circulating the lake water in order to assist with clearing the weed issue," he said.

"However it isn't a financially viable option and hasn't been allocated in the budget."

Cr Honor said the council regularly maintained the lake but surrounding properties made it difficult for staff to get access.

"Council staff spray the lake with a herbicide on a monthly basis to kill off weed and waterway vegetation as a way of attempting to manage the issue," he said.

Bargara councillor Greg Barnes said killing off the weed was a quick-fix that wasn't helping the long-term solution.

"The guys go down there and spray the weed which is fine," he said.

"But then that stuff just sinks to the bottom and just creates more sludge."

Cr Barnes said he had been lobbying the council to purchase a Truxor machine to no effect.

"The long-term solution is to dredge the lake to deepen it," he said.

"That will take care of a lot of the issue and give the lake more oxygen."

Cr Barnes said one obstacle in the way was money.

"A Truxor machine would cost about $180,000 and I'll keep trying to hit them up for it."

The lake in cleaner times.
The lake in cleaner times. Mike Knott
The lake's current condition.
The lake's current condition. Mike Knott

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