Labors ‘trickery catches out LNP

MEMBER for Bundaberg Jack Dempsey was attending a meeting relevant to his portfolio while the Bligh Government passed three Bills into law on Tuesday.

Mr Dempsey said he was one of many LNP members trying to fit meetings around parliamentary sessions during the extraordinary series of votes, and claimed it was Labor trickery that brought on such a situation.

All the opposition MPs were absent for nine minutes on Tuesday morning when bills on the Commonwealth Games, outlaw motorcycle gangs and public holidays were passed without a whisker of debate.

The LNP members came under fire for their absence from Premier Anna Bligh, who said there was nothing they could offer as an excuse for their behaviour.

"The Queensland Liberal and National Party are recognised nationally as the best-resourced opposition in the country and we all know they are the laziest," she said.

But Mr Dempsey said representatives of the opposition and the government met every morning to discuss the business of the day.

He said the LNP understood the government would be introducing the bills, which would normally take about an hour, but not debated.

"It's very disappointing the government is violating normal and quite accepted parliamentary procedure," he said.

"Ever since I've been in parliament it's been that way."

Mr Dempsey said the trickery was a real show of desperation from Labor.

"These tricky little games don't do any politician any good when the public sees that kind of thing."

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