Pisasale expelled from Labor Party


PAUL Pisasale has been kicked out of the Labor Party. 

The decision was made at a special meeting this morning.


BESIEGED former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale's future with the Labor Party will be decided today.

Labor state secretary Evan Moorhead confirmed to the QT members will meet this morning to decide if Mr Pisasale should be expelled from the party.

It follows widespread media coverage about a CCC probe and formal charges being laid against Mr Pisasale, including one extortion charge.

Mr Moorhead said Mr Pisasale had been issued with a show cause notice.

That gives Ipswich's former mayor an opportunity to state why he shouldn't be expelled.

The meeting of the state executive begins at 10am.

The QT understands Mr Pisasale is likely to be expelled, or resign to head off the decision.

It's a similar situation to the one far north MP Billy Gordon faced in 2015 after his criminal history was made public, although Mr Pisasale has not yet had his day in court.

Mr Gordon had already been convicted of several crimes, however, his criminal history was dated with the offences occurring more than 10 years earlier. 


That history includes charges of breaking and entering, public nuisance and breach of bail conditions.  

Allegations Mr Gordon had not lodged tax returns or paid child support were also made public.

At the time, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the revelations about his past made her 'sick to her stomach'.

Mr Gordon resigned from the Labor Party before a decision was made on his expulsion.

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