Koala to turn into the Drop Bear

Koala has to turn into the Drop BearYOUR corporate logo should symbolise what your business is about.

It should be an instantly recognisable emotional representation of the heart and soul of your organisation, and for the Queensland Reds, their logo is the Koala.

A cute, cuddly, sleepy bundle of fur that is loved around the world but also acknowledged as an endangered species.

There have been times when I wished the Queensland Rugby Union would embrace a different symbol but most of the good ones have been used by a variety of sporting teams, crocodiles, redbacks, taipans, stingrays and sharks.

As an identity, at least the koala represents an Australian sporting team better than a tiger, lion or panther. However it isn’t the sort of character that instils fear into an opposition team.

When Russel Crowe changed the white rabbit into a black bunny, it immediately provided a more marketable and fearsome image for his favourite league team.

While in reality, the cane toad and cockroach are both loathsome vermin, they have become famous as unlikely adversaries when State of Origin comes around.

Tonight at Suncorp Stadium the cute, cuddly koala has to become as vicious and feared as its fictitious relation, the Drop Bear.

Supposedly a large, carnivorous marsupial that strikes fear into the heart of outsiders, the Drop Bear is capable of launching surprise attacks on its victims.

I’m not suggesting the QRU embrace the Drop Bear as its new “animal” logo, and given the Reds’ current popularity in the community, any change is totally unwarranted.

However, only the most loyal Queensland Rugby supporter could have foreseen a sell-out Super Rugby grand final in Brisbane this year.

It couldn’t have been scripted better by Hollywood’s best - a fairy tale come true, although unlike stories about the fictitious Drop Bear, tonight’s game is real story, about a sleepy koala that has finally awoken.

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