KNOCKROE Rd near North Isis is currently cut due to heavy rainfall. 

Interactive map of closed roads across the state

Goodwood Rd near Mahogany Park also has water over it. 

Moore Park Rd also has water over it. 

Yesterday police reminded motorists to take extra care ahead of the severe weather forecast which is likely to affect large parts of the state over the next few days.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Road Policing Command Mike Keating said with many families returning home and preparing for the 2015 school year next week, we are urging extra vigilance in the predicted severe weather.

"Heavy rainfall is expected and we're urging all drivers, particularly those travelling long distances to be prepared, to exercise patience and to take great care with potentially flooded roads," he said.

"We seem to say it every summer, but it is really important not to ignore road closure signs.

"Not only is it extremely dangerous, but you can receive an on-the-spot fine of $683 or even face criminal charges for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle as well as running the risk of voiding insurance policies.

"It's bad enough putting yourself at risk through such reckless behaviour, but you're also endangering the lives of your passengers as well as police and other emergency services personnel who have to respond.

"Rescuing stranded travellers puts considerable pressure on emergency services.

"We have a very simple message to motorists contemplating taking the risk. If it's flooded, forget it."

Severe weather safety tips:

  • Be flexible and be prepared to change your plans depending on the weather
  • Drive to conditions - this includes increasing your stopping distance and ensuring your headlights are on
  • Never attempt to cross flooded roadways, creeks or rivers either in your vehicle or on foot
  • Never let your children play in flood waters - they are dangerous, unpredictable and can cause illness
  • Tie down outside furniture
  • Have a first aid kid, torch, and some basic supplies handy as well as a battery operated radio. ABC Local Radio is Queensland's emergency services broadcaster.

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