Killer lay in bed waiting for police: court

WHEN Michael Robert Selmes heard Robert "Jessie" Jordan had died he was physically sick.

He lay awake in his bed, unable to sleep, waiting for the police to arrive.

Selmes and three other men had beaten Mr Jordan so viciously on Christmas Day 2012 his organs suffered severe damage and he died.

At the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday Selmes was sentenced to nine years jail.

At about lunch on Christmas Day 2012 Selmes began drinking with brothers Anthony David Joseph Phillips, 29, Douglas Allan Phillips, 25, and Dallas Glenn Kincaid Dean who were already drunk.

During the day Tara Phillips, the sister of the Phillips brothers and partner of Dean, told a story that her mother's former defacto partner, Mr Jordan, had abused her as a child.

The court heard no evidence that this had occurred.

The story was not a new one to the Phillips family. But in a drunken rage the Phillips brothers and Dean decided to track Mr Jordan down and assault him.

Justice Jean Dalton said Selmes was the least involved of the four in planning the attack.

When they got to the Morayfield house where Mr Jordan was staying, the Phillips brothers coaxed him outside before attacking him. Dean and Selmes then joined in.

When a neighbour came outside Selmes told him to get back inside.

Justice Dalton said the assault was "vicious" and left a trail of blood around the front yard of the house.

The four punched, kicked and stomped on Mr Jordan, severely damaging his organs.

Selmes told the police when he heard Mr Jordan had died from the attack he was physically sick. He said he couldn't sleep and lay awake waiting for the police to arrest him.

He told the police the four had planned to bash Mr Jordan - but not kill him.

"We knew what we wanted to do. We wanted to hurt him. No one wanted to kill him," he told police.

Selmes has already served more than three years in jail waiting to be sentenced. He will be eligible for parole after serving six years - at the end of 2018.


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