Keno player hits the $1m jackpot

A 42-YEAR-OLD Bundaberg woman was still in shock after winning a $1.16 million Keno jackpot while celebrating her birthday at Brothers Sports Club on Tuesday afternoon.

The mother of four, who works as a patient diet monitor at a Bundaberg Hospital, went to the club with her partner to enjoy a few drinks with friends when she decided to buy the Keno ticket that changed her life.

Unbelievably, the hand-picked winning numbers included the winner's date, year of birth and age.

"I still feel like it's a dream," the winner said.

"I haven't been able to sleep."

The jackpot is the second million dollar-plus Keno jackpot to go off in Central Queensland this month, and follows a $1.74 million jackpot won by a Maryborough couple at the Maryborough Sports Club on October 2.

The winner said that a series of unusual events had led to her buying the winning ticket.

"I wouldn't normally buy a Keno ticket on a weekday but my boyfriend and I were both on holidays so we decided to go into the club," she said.

"I normally only play six numbers but I decided to play 10.

"I couldn't believe it - I wasn't even watching the screen [when the jackpot went off].

"I took the ticket up casually because I saw that the jackpot had gone off but I didn't see where it had happened."

The winner said she would continue working at the hospital where she had worked for almost 10 years, and would finish her studies to become a dietician.

She said she would give some money to her children, and would invest the rest, and possibly buy a house.

"From going fortnight to fortnight, I can't believe I'm now able to give money away," she said.

The winner spent just $20 on the ticket, playing 20 $1 games.

The winning numbers were 2, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 19, 29, 42 and 72.

Keno spokesman Nick Quinn congratulated the winner, saying he was thrilled she had won the jackpot on her birthday.

"It's always nice to hear when a regular Keno player and loyal sporting club patron wins a Keno jackpot," Quinn said.

"I hope the winner and her family get a lot of happiness from this jackpot," he said.

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