More heavy rain is forecast

THE Bundaberg region could get up to six times its usual amount of rain this month, according to a renowned long-range weather forecaster.

In September last year, New Zealand-based weather guru Ken Ring accurately predicted the region’s recent deluge.

And he told the NewsMail the “big wet” was far from over, with more than 600mm expected to fall in the region this month.

“Overall it will be a wetter than average autumn.

“There will be six times more rainfall than average in March, 40% more in April, and double the average in May,” Mr Ring said.

If his predictions are correct, that would mean about 800mm of rain in the next 12 weeks — or 80% of the average yearly rainfall.

Mr Ring said a depression would form around the Solomon Islands about March 19, which would bring more heavy rain to the Bundaberg coast.

“It may form a cyclonic system, but is likely to downgrade as it moves into the Tasman,” Mr Ring said.

According to his research, another low-pressure system is likely to form in the Solomons about April 3, and reach its peak about April 9 off the Fraser Coast.

The weather system will bring more rain to the already sodden region before moving away.

“That will deteriorate in a north-easterly direction towards Melanesia, and that will be the last of the cyclonic activity for this year until December,” Mr Ring said.

“But all of Australia is heading for a much wetter time than usual.”

He said winter was likely to be a little late to start and slow to leave.

“The maximum temperature will be in the high 20s until late April, and will start to drop in the last half of June, with minimums of about 10 degrees from late June to mid October,” Mr Ring said.

His predictions are based on a theory that the weather forms patterns in a 19-year cycle.

“If people don’t believe that weather goes in cycles, they only have to consider tides,” Mr Ring said.

For more information on his predictions, visit

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