Katy Perry goes extra-terrestrial for her new video for 'E.T.'.
Katy Perry goes extra-terrestrial for her new video for 'E.T.'.

Katy Perry goes extra-terrestrial

KATY Perry has turned extra-terrestrial in her new video for forthcoming single 'E.T.'.

The 'Firework' hitmaker - who released the hotly-anticipated video earlier today (31.03.11) - floats around a starscape covered in extravagant make-up and hair creations, before landing on the moon and embarking on a romance with a robot.

While the brunette beauty does her thing, Kanye West - who collaborated with the star on the track - floats around in a space ship rapping his lyrics.

In other scenes in the elaborate video, a blue Katy is seen dramatically screaming into the distance, as well as being dressed up as a warrior princess at one stage and eventually morphing into a Narnia-style character.

However, the 26-year-old singer - who is well known for her love of extravagant stage costumes and loud make-up - admitted it was hard work having to be prepared for up to six hours at a time for the new video.

She told MTV News: "It was, like, five and six hours, each make-up look.

"It was hard for me! It was really a patience thing for me on this video. But you know, it's like when you're doing a film. Sometimes you have to do prosthetics and you have to get really old or turn into an animal or a monster - and that's kind of what this process was."

'E.T.' has already hit the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100, knocking Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' off the top of the chart.

Katy tweeted: "I just got off stage to AMAZING NEWS. YOU'VE MADE #ETNUMBER 1!!!! THIS IS RECORD BREAKINGLY AMAZING! That's 4 in a row! I am in tearssss!!!(sic)"

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