A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking.
A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking. Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Jury hears details of alleged murder victim’s last moments

"I'VE been stabbed" were among the last words Mark Hemmings spoke before he died, a jury has heard.

Joanna Mansfield, who was with her partner - Mr Hemmings - when he was killed, has given evidence in a supreme court murder trial.

Jamie Lloyd Murray has pleaded guilty to Mr Hemmings's manslaughter but not guilty to murder.

On the trial's second day on Thursday, Ms Mansfield was questioned about the lead-up to Mr Hemmings's death in Caboolture's Bluebell Park on December 17, 2012.

The court heard Ms Mansfield was on the phone to 000 when Mr Hemmings was stabbed.

It is alleged Mr Murray asked the couple for 50 cents minutes earlier then he and Mr Hemmings started fighting before Mr Murray left.

When cross-examining Ms Mansfield, defence barrister Stephen Courtney asked her if she remembered if Mr Murray and Mr Hemmings said anything to each other moments before the stabbing occurred.

Ms Mansfield became teary when recollecting the details.

"Mr Murray had his back to me so while I was on the phone telling 000 that I needed help, all of that is taking place in front of me so I don't know what words were exchanged between them.

"I only heard the last words that Mark said after he'd been stabbed."

The court heard she was standing a few steps behind her partner when she saw Mr Murray armed with a bicycle seat attached to a pole, running at her partner.

During cross-examination Mr Courtney referred to her police statement and read it to the court: "He (Mr Murray) was yelling at Mark but I can't recall what he said… The male collided into Mark with the seat and pole still in his hand. I don't know what happened next but Mark yelled 'I've been stabbed'."

"So you didn't see a knife at that point," Mr Courtney asked her.

"I didn't," she replied.

The trial continues.


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